Chapter 19- pouring rain

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The icy air trapped behind the cold glass window begins to seep through the cracks from the windowsill. The misty breeze wafts into the room awaking Ember almost immediately.

Her eyes fluttered open and caught the sight of her empty bed. She quickly lifted her head up to look around the room but right as she did that, a massive ache in her head started to pound away at her skull. Ember plopped back down holding the sides of her head.

As she began to stretch out her arms and legs carefully, she began to feel the hangover erupting from within her core. She let out a small wince hoping that wherever Fred was he'd hear it and coming rushing in to help her. But he didn't.

After a few minutes of laying there trying to remember the night before Ember gave up and prepared herself to stand up and go downstairs where everyone could possibly be passed out.

She lifted herself up off the bed and let her hot sweaty feet collide with the cold wooden floor. Holding her pounding head and her grumbling stomach at the same time she began taking small steps out the door.

As she began getting closer and closer to the stairs she began to hear faint sounds coming from downstairs. She hoped Fred was up.

Ember took the slowest amount of time going down the stairs. She'd put one foot on a step then the other foot on the same step then repeat. As she finally got both feet on the last step she looked up searching for Fred. Sure enough there he was sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea.

For that split second when she seen the back of his head and his strong arms from behind, her hangover seemed to be nonexistent. He was the only one she could see downstairs so she guessed everyone else was still sleeping upstairs. She also guessed that Fred just woke up early and came down without her.

Ember began to take small steps over to him figuring he would hear her. And he did. His head shot around and his eyes met with hers.

Ember smiled brightly seeing her boyfriend, while Fred's expression stayed emotionless and slight . . . sad.

Ember really hadn't payed much attention on noticing his expression. "Hey Freddie!", she said cheerfully galloping over to him the best she could.

Fred turned back around without saying anything in return. Ember wrinkled her eyebrows and went to go sit by him.

Usually he would go make her a cup of tea or kiss her good-morning or even say good-morning. But nothing, just a sorrow looking Fred sitting on the sofa.

After Ember and Fred sat there in silence for a few moments, she finally leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, which he dodged. Ember leaned back in shock while wondering if he was playing some type of prank on her. Fred stood up from his seat and walked into the kitchen and set down his mug on the counter while staring out the fogged up window.

She turned her body so she could watch him and see if he was just playing or not. But as far as she could tell, he wasn't.

"Freddie?", she asked concernedly.

Fred didn't turn around or move at all. He kept his gaze out the window.

Ember began to feel her eyes burn, "Fred did I do something?"

Fred turned his head to the side but didn't look at her.

"I don't remember anything from last night Fred, if I did something-"

Fred turned his body to face hers and gave her the most hurtful look that Ember had ever seen on his face.

The look of sorrow on his face made Ember sick to her stomach. A rush of nausea hit her. She began to feel something run up her throat. She slapped her hand to her mouth and ran upstairs to the bathroom.

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