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The first few hour of their long drive had been awfully quiet. Just as Klaus opened his mouth to talk they heard the cries of his daughter. He watched as his wife turned in her seat and put her finger out to their daughter touching her hand. However she kept crying and Leah sighed checking her phone noticing it was now midnight. She knew it was time for Joy to have a change and a bottle.

"Nik, We have to stop, Joy needs a bottle and a change," she spoke telling her husband with and he nodded stopping at the nearest rest stop.

As he stopped he told his wife he would change her and that she should stay and he would change her. Sitting in the car she turned on the radio, 5 minutes later her husband was back with their daughter who was curled on her dads chest and as he walked back towards the car.

"She just watched me the whole time," he told his wife chuckling whilst strapping her in.

"She does that, a lot," she laughed lightly and he smiled at her coming to sit in the drivers seat.

"We made her, and she's so beautiful," he muttered and she nodded agreeing.

As Klaus began to pull out their daughter began to cry once again, and he looked at His wife worried.

"Maybe I should sit at the back with her, it would calm her," she spoke and he nodded. 

"As soon as we get home, she's mine," he said with a laugh and she only grinned.

Klaus hadn't spent a lot of time with Joy as he did with Hope. Getting home only made him excited, he was so eager to show Leah the nursery. Leah picked up her daughter in the back and she instantly went quiet. Nik only chuckled and spoke up.

"She doesn't like you spending time with me, not that I blame her."

"Nik she just is not use to you," she spoke to her husband who only looked at the road ahead.

"Nik could we please stop and grab a hotel, I don't think she can stay in the car much longer," she spoke after a few minutes and her husband only nodded.

Pulling into a city called evergreen klaus almost immediately found a hotel just off the highway. Klaus turned off the engine and noticed his daughter lay on her mother's chest and he admired the both of them. As he was about to talk leah shushed him, and he only nodded as he went into the hotel and compelled them a room. Leah slowly got out of the car holding her daughter carefully. Nik had Come back to them almost immediately and told her that he had gotten them a room and opened the trunk taking out his daughters changing bag.

"Should I make her a bottle she seems a bit hungry," he spoke and she nodded placing their daughter down, who had her little thumb in her mouth.

"Nik-" as soon as she muttered his name he almost immediately turned around.

"Ok mr creepy, but I was kind of hungry, so do you mind feeding her while I get a snack," he laughed almost instantly knowing what she meant by snack.

"Yeah I've got Joy," he spoke picking her up and she opened her blue eyes straight away.

Klaus was feeding his daughter as his wife would find someone to feed on. Walking into the parking lot she already found a man who was just standing against his car with his girlfriend. Walking Over he looked at her arrogantly.

"You won't move or make a sound," she compelled the both of them and they nodded.

Leah had drank what she needed from the both of them and compelled them to forget. Turning their back on then she walked back to the hotel room where she noticed Klaus talking to Joy. Listening from outside she heard good soft voice.

"You my sweet darling are my princess, i promise to stick by you and love you until my last breath, your mother and I shall be together and that I swear to you," he spoke not noticing she was walking into the room.

"Nik, put her into the travel crib please," she spoke and he watched her confused but doing just that as she slept.

"My love why-" instead of getting a chance to finish his sentence his wife kissed him immediately.

"Not that I don't love this, but what are you doing?" He asked with a grin.

"Just shut up," she said pulling his top off.

They where now making out on the bed and Leah was on top of Nik. She had his hands in hers and he flipped them over so he was now on top. Just as he was about to take off her bra Joy started crying and Leah groaned putting on a robe and picked up her baby.

"Joy, my sweet baby why do you keep crying?" She asked her baby holding her and rocking her.

Instead of getting quieter their daughter only got louder and louder. Suddenly a know I came from the door and Nik answered it and it was a man.

"Can you shut your child up," he spoke annoyed at the child.

"You will go back to your room and think about how worthless you are," he said compelling the man who nodded walking back to their room.

"Nik she won't go quiet," Leah spoke, her eyes watery.

"Don't cry, just give her to me," he spoke taking his daughter from his wife slowly rocking her on his chest. 

As if she felt her father's presence she went quiet. Leah watched them and smiled. Nik was shitless and holding his daughter on his chest with a small smile. Half an hour passed and she was now sound asleep, so Klaus gently placed her down in the travel crib once more. This time instead of waking up she stayed asleep. Leah went into the bed and lay facing the ceiling, Nik only rolled into the bed his arm wrapped around her. 

"We'll leave at 9:30, get some breakfast and drive home," he said asking his wife as she nodded half asleep.

She liked how they where now instead of when everyone else was around. He had his arm wrapped around her waist and her head on his chest. As much as she tried to she couldn't seem to get Cami out of her head. What did her husband like about her.

Suddenly, Nik's phone began to ring and he groaned turning to answer it. Who would call him at 4 in the morning she thought confused.

"What?" He grumbled half asleep asking into his phone. 

It was Elijah on the phone and Leah saw her husband visibly harden.

"Well we need to kill mother.. again," he spoke and watched his wife.

"Keep Kol and Finn shackled to the wall, we're on our way," he spoke quickly putting on his shirt.

Leah only watched him confused as she told her to get dressed, she was sure his mother and brothers where dead. How had this been possible she thought as s they went back into the car. She asked her husband who hadn't really known what was happening.

"So Kol is back?" His wife asked excited and he nodded slightly envious.

With that they where back on their way home and Leah was excited the whole time. Her best friend was back and she couldn't wait to see him again.

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