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Author's note: If you're reading this around the 2nd of June 2022, I would suggest reading the last couple of chapters to re-jog your memory because I'm a lazy piece of shit who hasn't updated in over a year. LOVE YOU!

I'M NOT SURE how much time had passed while I stood facing the outside of my bedroom door

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I'M NOT SURE how much time had passed while I stood facing the outside of my bedroom door. But it was long enough for me to remember the lines of the wood used to make the slab. I mean, wow, great craftsmanship right there. 

Oh fuck I sound like my grandfather. 

"Jones?" I hear, slightly muffled, from the other side. It was followed by a slight chuckle and a soft "You wanna open that again?" 

Every and any atom in body instantly freezes, "Uhhh....gimme a sec." 

Taking a deep breath, my eyes flutter close as I try to calm my rapid heartbeat and the intense urge to throw up everything that was in my stomach including the lining. The rest of my life was waiting on the other-side of the door and I'm asking for a moment? 

Okay, I've officially fucking lost it. 

I press down on the black, antique handle and push the door inward. 

He was still there, on one knee with the most heartwarming and tear-jerking smile I have ever witnessed in all of my twenty one years on this planet. 

"...Hi." I breathe out.

"Are you just going to stand outside the room while I do this...?" Chase trails off as I glance down to see that the toes of my Birkenstocks barely touched the threshold of the door. I shuffle into the room and gently close the door the behind me. 

I throw him a sheepish smile over my shoulder as the door clicks shuts. 

"Now I can continue?" Chase laughs lightly under his breath and I nod. He glances at the box in his hand and straightens out his shoulders. I almost swallow my tonsils as his hazel eyes raise back up to mine, "I—wait, come closer." 

I don't move an inch. 

Chase's smile softens even more, "Jones?" 

I shuffle forward until I was standing just above him.I didn't know what to do, where to look or even where to fucking put my hands. So I clasped them in front of me and stared down at Chase. I could barely form any coherent sentence so I just kept my mouth shut. 

I have a strong feeling that this is the first time I've ever willingly been quiet in my entire life. 

"Okay...fuck. Never thought I would forgot every word in the english dictionary but here I am..." Chase chuckles as he glances down at the box in his hand, "I've been hyping myself up for this for the past three weeks."

Past three weeks? 

"But then you and your selfless, stubborn soul had to go and put the breaks on that plan for a while." Chase scoffs as his hazel eyes glance back up at mine and I died. Just flatlined right there and then. Or at least, it felt like I did. "And now we're here." 

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