Chapter 13

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Kates Pov

I wake up to someone pulling the covers off of me making me whine, and pull the blanket right back over my cold body.They pull my covers back again but this time they throw me over there shoulder. I yelp and start to kick my legs. Yelling I want to go back to sleep.

" Put me back I was sleeping happily It's Too early Only Old people get up this early " I say as I start smacking there butt, But they just smack back harder.

" Well first of all it's only 7:30 and second of all you have school So you have to get ready and eat before you get dressed " Daxs says to me.

I whine as he sits me Down in at the table. I look down and see that there is a bowl of yogurt with fruit and nuts on the top right next to it is a sippy cup full of orange juice. I decided To eat it but I gave both Lucas and Dax's My Mean face well. After I ate all of my food and drank half of my orange juice I walked into the kitchen and put my bowl in the sink and washed it off. Walking up the stairs I hear people bickering about something. I walk into my room and I see Lucas and daxs yelling at each other about what i'm going to wear, they don't see me want into the room so I just sit down on the bed and wait, well they argue about it i should wear leggings or Jeans. I look at the time and see I gotta get going soonSo well there still arguing I get up and put on some Black leggings and just an oversized Nightmare before christmas sweater. I tap on Lucas arm And they both look down at me.

" I'm ready to go "

" What do you mean you haven't gotten dressed yet " Daxs says

" Yes I have it's cold outside so I just want to wear something cozy. Okay " They both look me up and down and say I look great and that they approve of what I choses but that won't be an everyday thing. We all headed to class ,we each had no classes but they told me that one of them would pick me up and take me to my next class, and not to leave until one of them did. I said fine too but I know for a fact that I'm going to break that rule A lot.They both walk me to my first class and we say goodbye to each other. I go into the class and sit down in the middle. It doesn't look like there are many people in this class so that should be nice.We start class and the professor tells us to take out some paper and for us to take notes. This is going to be a long day.

#~#~#~#~#~#~#After All of Kate's classes#~#~#~#~#~#~#

I just finished My last class of the day and it is 1:32 in the afternoon. I'm standing outside the class room waiting for lucas to come and get me because Daxs has One more class for the day.As im waiting a guy from my class come over to me and start to talk to me.

"Hello" I say

" Hey umm.. Did you get the last of The notes I wasn't able to get the last few paragraphs and if you do would you mind letting me browse them? "

" Yeah sure He write really fast So I get it " I say as I pull out the notes that I took and handed it To Him

" What was your name Again?"  He asks

"It's Kate and yours? "

" Luke It was nice to meet you But I gotta get going so see you tomorrow" Luke asks. After that he walks away and then I see Lucas walking over to me.

"Who was He? " Lucas Ask

" Just someone is my class. Why? "

"Just asking "

I Don't think much about it and we just walk back to their place. Once we get inside Lucas Tells me i need to get my homework done before I Get to do anything, He says I can do it in there office well he get His Homework Done as well.Im not the type of person that gets Things done right away, i'm the type of person thats a likes wait Till the last hour to do a ten part project. I whine As we walk into there office.Lucas Sit down in this fancy Desk and I sit down on a pillow in front of a coach that has a coffee table right in front of it and start to do my work.Lucas said i could sit at Daxs desk but I didn't want to be rude. 

After what felt like forever I finished All of my homework. I walked over to Lucas and showed him.He looked over it and made sure I spelled everything right and that it looked nice. He said I did a really nice job On everything and that it looked great.He told me to head down to the living room and he would be downstairs in a few minutes.

I'm walking down the hallway and see That door that they Told me Not to open , Which of course means I have to open the door. I make sure I Don't hear him coming down the stairs. I slowly open the door and see long stairs go down into darkness.I slowly walk down the stairs, I reach the bottom of the stairs and see cells.
So many cells. What is this place? I start to walk over to one of them and see someones in there?! They look to be around my age, maybe a little older.She sees me and starts to beg to let her out. Out of no wear someone throws me over there shoulder and starts to walk back up the stairs. I scream as I'm being pulled up the stairs.


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