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As soon as they pulled up Leah practically ran into the compound with her daughters car seat. She walked into the compound and into the dining area where two men she hadn't recognised where chained onto the stairs with a pair of shackles Klaus had used many times on witches.

"Hello darling, it's been a while," a voice spoke and she knew the boy was Kol.

She would recognise him in any body, his cockiness would never disappear neither would his smirk.  Instead she smiled and hugged him with a grin.

"How I've missed you," she said and Klaus walked into the room anger evident when he saw his wife hugging his brother.

Klaus had a table full off breakfast prepared and sat both Kol and Finn to the table as he had them Shackled. Leah eagerly spoke to Finn who hadn't been the same with her as he was. Yet Kol spoke and spoke and she entertained the conversation.

"Brothers today a new future awaits, forget your animosity towards our family, instead join us against who really deserves our ire, our mother and we will open you with arms," Klaus spoke and Finn looked bored and Kol rolled his eyes at his brothers.

"Well-" Kol started leaning in to get a pastry with his hands shackled but Klaus only pulled it away from him, earning a disapproving look from his wife.

"But if you continue to oppose us, a denial in pastry's won't be your only concern," Klaus said finishing his speech and Leah took the pastry's out of Nik's hands and offering both Finn and Kol.

"Honestly brother if you wanted my allegiance against mother dearest, you should have said so, would have saved me a night shackled to the wall!" Kol spoke eating his pastry.

"Yes, this was Niklaus' idea, my recommendation was to remove your limbs one by one until you comply."

"Elijah!" Leah spoke sending him a disapproving look.

Klaus stands up with a laugh and spoke "We have no intention to torture you, provided you vow to stand by us as brothers!"

"Brothers, does that word even apply to us after all these centuries after all of your betrayal? And has loyalty ever rewarded anyone, Leah how has Niklaus treated you over the years and where is our sister Rebekah?" Finn asked glancing between Klaus and Leah.

"Our sister was blindly loyal to you for a thousand years and now she isn't here, how did she escape your vile machinations?" He continued.

"Heh, you think of me vile, how about the one who created us?" Klaus asked his brother with a questioning look.

"She was trying to make you mortal once again, just like she has with both Kol and I yet you do not want to accept her proposal, however I bet Rebekah will have a different reaction to her offer, unlike you she clung onto her humanity," Finn spoke defending his mother.

"Rebekah is off limit to you! You even try to pursue her and I will kill you," Elijah spoke defending his little sister.

"Mother is rather determined, she had been searching for Rebekah since the moment she arrived," Finn spoke with a smirk.

Elijah lost his temper and grabbed Finn and slammed him against the table and started to feed of him. Leah raced towards them and took Elijah off of Finn who looked nothing but surprised.  Elijah held his hands up with a small grin, taking a handkerchief and wiping the blood from his face and hands.

"I enjoy a good blood letting as much almost anyone but our brothers have power and are aware of our mothers plans we must persuade them," Klaus spoke telling Elijah.

"I am through with persuasion," Elijah spoke shaking his head and anger evident on his face.

"Has the world shifted on its axis? Elijah needing restraint from Niklaus?" Leah spoke to her brother and her husband laughed agreeing.

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