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That weekend Leah, Hayley, Kol, Klaus, Elijah and the children drove to Arkansas where Rebekah was currently staying in another of their family houses.

Leah, Hayley Hope and Elijah where in the kitchen Hayley was holding Hope as she poured some cereal into a bowl. Leah was getting a bottle of wine and some glasses for her and Rebekah. Leah watched as Hayley and Elijah almost kissed but instead he placed a kiss on hopes head. Leah only smirked watching Hayley.

Klaus was now sat on the porch with Joy and Hope who where both sat in their baby seats. Leah, Kol and Rebekah where a little tipsy and collecting firewood. Just then both Elijah and Hayley walk out looking a little flushed and Leah winked at Hayley who only blushed. Elijah made his way to Hope and Joy. He kissed Joy on the head as she slept and took a wide awake Hope out of the car seat.

"Hello little one," he spoke talking to Hope who smiled at him. "Is that what I think it is?" He asked eyeing Rebekah Leah and Kol suspiciously who all looked at him with a cheeky grin.

"It's bonfire season and I am reviving a family tradition! Especially now that we're all finally together!" Rebekah spoke putting her arm over Nik's shoulder.

"Ah sister, that is because our family is always at war," Elijah spoke with a disapproving look.

"Brother I do not know but being with these two babies makes you see everything so differently," Rebekah spoke stroking Joys hand.

"Leah my love and Kol you twat that's enough wood to burn down the whole of Arkansas!" Klaus spoke and they only laughed as Kol rolled his eyes.

"Now we're missing a key ingredient!" Kol spoke eagerly.

"No we are not brother!" Klaus spoke sighing.

"Yes we are Nik! Back me up Elijah, " Leah spoke who only laughed.

"I suspect out brother would rather choke on ashes!"

"What are you all on about?" Asked a very confused Hayley who earned a grin from Leah and Kol.

"Before we light it, we write our wishes for each other luck, in our village Kol and Leah like it the most!" Rebekah spoke with a grin.

"More reason as to why we should ignore it!" Nik spoke and leah narrowed her eyes at him.

"Hope and Joys first bonfire season, I like it! We're definitely doing it!" Hayley spoke with a grin and determination.

Hayley and Rebekah rush inside for paper and pens, Leah and Kol only looked at them smugly.

Klaus took Joy inside and sat at the dining table feeding her a bottle and Leah walked into the kitchen.

"Here," Leah said handing her husband a piece of paper and he shook his head.

"Darling you can see I'm holding a little child, this silly wish game will have to wait!"

"Nik it's not silly, now give me our daughter and write," she demanded taking their daughter from her husband.

"Hello my beautiful baby!" Spoke Leah go Joy who was now awake.  "Klaus write now!"

"Fine," he grumbled scribbling onto a piece of paper.

As he stood he whispered into his wife's ear, "do you know almost a thousand years I go I used my wish for you, as I will do today."

She only turned a bright red colour and Klaus smirked as Kol walked in with Rebekah quick on his tail.

"Brother! What are you doing there is a child in your arms!" Rebekah almost shouted and Kol looked amused sending his brother a wink who laughed at him.

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