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As soon as they where all back in New Orleans it was business as usual. Everyone was in the compound after they learnt of Finns escape. Klaus had tried searching for him yet it was impossible. As everyone stood in the compound including Marcel and Davina. Yet Rebekah was the first to speak.

"I know what to do to stop Esther."

"No," Leah spoke shaking her head.

"I'm going to take her deal, and I'm going to take her down with me," she spoke gulping nervously and Leah looks at her if she's ridiculous.

"Rebekah don't..." Elijah spoke disagreeing with her.

"I don't usually agree with these lot, but you shouldn't take the deal," spoke Kol and she shook her head sadly.

"It will work, she'll be distracted during the spell she'll be vulnerable."

"No she'll just body jump," spoke Hayley hating the idea of losing Rebekah.

"Then stop her from jumping!" Exclaimed Rebekah.

"If I knew how to bloody stop her from jumping don't you think I would have happily killed her ages ago?" Klaus spoke all but shouting.

"We'll ages ago you didn't have a harvest girl and a Mikaelson witch, our brother knows all of her tricks," Rebekah fought.

"Now she's just lost her mind," Elijah spoke talking about his sister.

"Hardly, brother it was your idea you said she needed a win if we get this right she will."

"And if we got this wrong you wouldn't be in your own body!" Elijah exclaimed stressed.

"Would that really be the worst thing, you where even ready to do it!"

Klaus, Leah and Hayley looked at Elijah surprised and concerned at this revelation.

"It was a foolish move! And also one that you sagely dissuaded me from."

"Hopefully we'll get lucky and stop the spell before I've been jumped," she spoke hope clinging onto her every word.

"And if not, you'll get whatever you've always wanted. That's what you're saying isn't it, you're willing to lose," Klaus spoke annoyed at his sister.

"I'm willing to risk losing, yes," she spoke reassuringly.

"Well we'll need to find someone for her to jump into, someone no one knows," Klaus spoke and Leah agreed.

"Rebekah we've been together for centuries and if you where human.." leah spoke her words trailing off.

"When I'm all old and wrinkly you can just dump me into my old body, Nik already has my coffin on standby anyway," she spoke attempting a joke to lighten the mood.

"But to trust Kol," Elijah spoke and Leah glared at him.

"Not offended or anything," kol muttered rolling his eyes.

"Kol will do what's right, right Kol?" Leah asked watching him hopeful and he nodded at her.

As everyone was back ready and evening had set. Klaus Leah and Rebekah where in the dining room.

"Do you know what to do?" Asked klaus looking at his sister in disapproval.

"Yes but if it doesn't go according to plan will you please let Leah handle my body, because she will with care, I might miss the old model," she spoke and Leah sighed with a nod.

"If everything goes south we'll be there to pull you out, we just need to take down Esther before she jumps bodies, again this will not be for nothing," Leah spoke with sadness and anger in her voice.

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