Chapter 14

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I flutter my eyes open at the sound of someone snoring. I look to my left to see the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life: a sleeping Yoongi with his nose all scrunched up, his bangs resting over his eyes. I bring my hand over to his blonde, curly locks; swiftly moving them away, exposing his forehead which looked like the opposite of what I saw before. Yeah, I'm talking about his duality; I know you know I am. His exposed forehead gives me a completely different vibe from the one with his forehead covered. His bangs covering showcases the cute Yoongi, but the exposed forehead showcases the sexy and hot Yoongi; which is, for your information, my favorite.

Still staring at his mesmerizing features, I didn't notice Yoongi was awake. "Sexy much?" He asks, smirking and I blush, flustered. "Aw, look at that, did I make my baby blush?" He coos, satisfied while I blush even harder, which I suppose has resulted in a tomato red face. Yoongi chuckles, leaning closer and gave me a small peck on my lips which left me shook. Seeing my expression, Yoongi speaks. "I wouldn't be that shocked if I were you, considering your behavior yesterday." He finishes it with a teasing smirk. "Shut up..." I muttered, so that I was the only one to hear it, but unfortunately; Yoongi heard it. "What did you say, baby girl?" Ha asked, coming closer as the seconds go by. "So, will you tell me, or should I make you talk?" He questions, smirking. "I-I'm s-sorry..." I mumble, looking down at my hands. He backed away, "Good girl. And since I call you baby girl, I would very much like you to call me daddy." I shoot my head up to look at him, and I see him near the door ready to leave as he winks at me, leaving me with mixed emotions. Well, at least he seems okay after drinking my blood, because he slept well, I guess.

Snapping out of my train of thoughts, I realize I was still in Yoongi's room. I run back to my room before someone spots me, but I guess today is not my lucky day. I bump into a hard chest, bouncing back at the compact, I look up to come face to face with no other than Kim Taehyung. I gulp, he looks so scary right now; when he keeps a straight face, it scares the hell out of me. When he spots me, he breaks into his famous boxy smile, which makes me relax and smile back at him. "Hey, Y/N!" He exclaims, happily. "Hi, Taehyung, long time no see." I reply. Honestly, even though we live in the same damn house, we rarely see other; talk about living in a mansion. He sighs, "I'm sorry, Y/N, I've still not gotten over our before..." He stops abruptly, looking at the floor as if he said something wrong; he looks uncomfortable. I, now, officially have enough of questions which might make me pass out any moment now. Why are there so many questions?! "...gotten over your before...what?" I ask him, wanting an answer somehow. I need an answer now, or maybe I'll go speak to Namjoon later. Yeah, right, speak. I smirk inside my head, sorting out my ingenious plan. "Sorry?" Taehyung asked. "Never mind, Taehyung forget I even asked, cause you're never gonna tell me." I voice out, nonchalantly.

"I heard you last night, Y/N." He confesses, smirking. Oh My God, he just took my breath away. Talking about duality, again. "Heard me? Heard what?" I question him confused, did he hear what I spoke with Jungkook or Yoongi? That's when it hits me; did he hear me with Yoongi? I silently blush so he wouldn't notice. "Playing dumb, are we? Don't lie to me, Y/N, you know exactly what I'm talking about: you were moaning." He says the last few words out loud, making me place my palm on his mouth. "Shush, Taehyung, the others might hear you!" I whisper-scream, as I could feel him smirk under my hand. He removes my hand from his mouth to clearly show you his smirk. You stand there, intrigued by his smirk. He notices and walks closer, when his lips brush my ear; I came back to the present and blush at his closeness. "Y/N, you're mine tonight. Meet me in my room after dinner. I suppose you know where it is..." He draws back, winks at me and walks away as if nothing happened.

Oh My God, Y/N. Why do you always end up getting laid by someone each day? I blush unconsciously; I know this won't stop until all of them had a taste of my 'alcoholic' blood. I don't know why I feel this way, but do I like them? Its just- forget it. They're vampires, they don't have feelings...

Geez, what am I doing here? Standing in the middle of nowhere, looking all flustered. I can't let them get to me, I know why they become all flirty like this: they just want my blood, nothing else. But why does it hurt so much? Why does it hurt to think that they are playing me?

I return to my room to freshen up. The heated session I had with Yoongi really made me sweat and I am still sweating after Taehyung literally told me to meet him in his room tonight, so I would need a shower at least.

Coming out after a refreshing and warm shower, I put on some random clothes cause I really didn't care what I wore today, but the crop top and some jeans really did look good on me. I bolt downstairs as I was starving and meet Jin; making pancakes for breakfast: just the way I like it.

"Good Morning, Jin oppa!" I greeted him with a huge smile on my face.

"Good morning, Princess. Did you sleep well?" He asked me, with a small smirk playing on his lips. Me, noticing his smirk decided to go along with the flow.

"Oh, yeah oppa, I had a nice time with Yoongi, and so I slept peacefully." I replied, crossing my arms and smirking. He stops making pancakes and faces me with a 'really?' expression on his face. I smile seeing his reaction.

"Why, oppa; jealous much?" I question him, playfully. I just wanted to see how he'll react.

"Oh, no Y/N. I'm not jealous at all. Just wait and see until you have me. Well, I guess you're just saving the best for last." He provokes me, leaving me speechless. I shut my mouth, looking down as I feel a blush creeping on my cheek.

"Aw, Y/N, you look cute when you blush, you know?" He coos, making me blush even harder. Feeling shy under his gaze, I turn around to go and seat myself on the chair near the dining table. Today's gonna be a long day...I can feel it.

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