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Leah Marcel and Klaus stood watching over Rebekah's body sadness evident in their faces. A few moments later Kol joins them and smiled at Klaus.

"A deal is a deal brother," he spoke handing the white oak stake back to his brother earning a small from Leah.

Klaus only took the stake from his brothers hands relieved he had kept his words. Elijah made his was to his brother concern on his face.

"Rebekah isn't in her new body."

"What do you mean shes not in the body?"

"I just received a call from Angela barker, the one we used for Rebekah, and brother she is still very much herself."

"I'll handle it, brother!" With that klaus had Kol pinned to the wall anger in his face.


"What the bloody hell?" Spoke Kol his smirk still remaining on his face.

"You didn't," Leah spoke unbelievably as she watched him who only hung his head down in shame this time.

"Rebekah's fine, Nik! It was a prank, nothing more than anything you lot have done to me, but I bet it's different when it's one of you!" He spoke aggression and pain in his words, just as Nik was about to hurt him Leah grabbed her husbands arm.

"Don't," she spoke taking Kol and speeding into the dining area.

"Thank you sis-"

"No, don't you dare Kol! I promised I would protect you from your brothers, the petty and malicious arguments, you all get into but you doing something like this is so stupid, Kol I can't keep being on your side if you do things like this!"

"She's safe I swear, I popped her into a body of a witch and once she makes it out of the place she's in, she'll be fine!" He fought hoping leah wouldn't be angry at him.

"Kol I am so pissed at you, she is your sister and at a thing with family at war you're adding to fuel to the fire, so I suggest you stay away from both Elijah and Klaus," she spoke hugging her brother who sighed in relief hugging her back who me she was pissed but not as pissed as long as she was safe.

Leah informed both her husband and Elijah that Rebekah was safe, yet they where wary about the statement, since Kol was involved. She also made them promise not to hurt Kol reminding them they needed every family member they could get.

It had been days and no one heard from Rebekah and they all grew even more anxious by the minute. Both brother grew terribly at their very young brother. However anytime they would try and harm him she had protected him.

Exactly a week later Rebekah was back home and in her new body, that of a witch. Everyone was upstairs including Rebekah who looked at one of the portraits of her Niklaus had painted many centuries earlier.

"Brother I am rather offended because that is not my chin, Mine is a more delicate!"

"Sister the only delicate thing about you is your ego!" Klaus spoke and she rolled her eyes with a grin.

"Could we dispense with this fascinating dispute for just a moment and return to the subject of our supposed long-lost sister?" Spoke a very concerned Elijah.

"There's not much to discuss, Elijah. She said she was Freya, and then she darted into the night," she spoke with a shrug and Elijah watched her his eyes wide.

"And you believe her?" Leah asked bewildered.

"Well, I met the girl in a mystical loony-bin, she could be anyone telling any lie. But, she did seem... familiar, somehow," she spoke carefully picking her words knowing she recognised the girl.

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