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Leah awoke in the morning entering the compound and noticed Kol and Rebekah sitting there on the compound.

"Voltre mezino cadau. Voltre mezino cadau," Kol spoke and Rebekah repeated chanting after him.

Suddenly, Kol's ears and his nose started to bleed again. He angrily lets go of Rebekah's hands and swipes many of the objects off of the table and onto the floor as he yelled in frustration. Leah watching him scared knowing full well the hex was working perfectly. Rebekah looked at him sympathetically and reaches out to rub his arm and Kol just got even more frustrated.


"Calm down, Please Kol You need to keep your wits if you're to beat this," Spoke leah walking to him rubbing his arm gently.

Kol sat at on the bench by the table, looking exhausted and defeated Leah only looked at him sitting beside him.

"There is no beating it, it's latched on like a vice," Kol said looking sad and broken.

"So you're giving up? What happened to the brother I used to know? The one who laughed death in the face?" Rebekah spoke fighting with his brother.

"It's a lot easier to do when you haven't died already once. And I hated it the first time. The ironic thing is that I actually preferred this go-round. Being a witch. No heightened emotion, no bloodlust. It was just me. For a while, anyway," Kol spoke with a bitter laugh, Rebekah and leah only looked at him speechless.

Kol only started coughing violently leah nearly sobbed as he struggled to sit upright.

"I think we should call Davina," leah spoke telling Kol and he nodded.

"I do owe that fine young lady a dance, and I rather have it before I die," he spoke Slight smirk on his face.

That day Kol spent with Davina and of course his beautiful nieces. Yet he only got worse and worse. Once he arrived back into the compound he started coughing violently once again. Out of nowhere he doubled over and leah grabbed him helping him regain his balance.

"Are you okay?" Leah asked and he nodded.

"I think I want to do this part alone."

He only continued to cough violently and she shook her head, everyone entering the compound.

"I'm afraid that is not an option brother," Elijah spoke walking towards his brother.

"Always and forever" is not something that you just weasel out of, brother," Klaus spoke pain evident in his tone.

Kol only let out a weak smile to Klaus and he returned it kindly. As klaus almost walked away Kol grabbed his coat.

"All I ever wanted was for you lot to care about me, not only Leah and Beks, sometimes of course."

Klaus only remained with his blank face but his wife just let them flow she hadn't cared of anyone saw she couldn't help it, he was her best friend. Kol almost laughed but was overcome but yet another one of his coughing fits. Rebekah was startled and bent to the floor and began to rub his back with Elijah. Leah sat with him leaning his head into her lap. Kol grabbed onto Leah's hand and squeezed it before groaning.

"Kol, listen to me. You don't have long. You're going to die But you will die a witch, and we will consecrate your body. You will join the ancestors of the French Quarter, and those spirits can be brought back. And, I promise you, brother, I will not leave this body until I find a way to bring you home," Rebekah spoke and Kol couldn't hold back his tears as they fell down his face.

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