Chapter 14

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Kates Pov

I scream as I'm getting Dragged up these stairs. I'm hitting the person's back and they give me a sharp smack on the thigh.I stopped Hitting and started to whine. After a A long Walk we end up in lucas and Daxs Office,Now there both here this is just great. This large man Finally puts me down right in front Of lucas and daxs They look Mad.

" Where did we tell you not to go? " Lucas ask

"The basement "

" And where did you go? " Daxs asks

"The basement " I say as I try my best to give puppy dog eyes. It dosen't seem like its working.Im also scared shitless because They Have a mini Fucking prison in there basment.

" So what did you see down there Kate?" Daxs asks Me

" I walked down the stairs and There was some Cells and I saw a girl In there "

" Did she say anything to you ?" Lucas Asks

"She asked for help,But then a large meanie Took me. What what she in there for anyway?" I ask. They both looked at each other and then they told me.

" She did a really Bad Thing to our younger brother. So now she has to stay down there for a Bit before we decide what to do with her,But that is not the problem. The problem is that you didn't listen to us. It hasn't even been 24 hours Hun. You know now that you going to have to get punished." Daxs says to me.

I started to freak out a Bit. What were they going to do to me? I'm going down there with that girl in the cell. Are they going to LEva me down there? Are they going to get rid of me? I haven't even been a week. They don't want me anymore.
They both can see that I'm freaking out so they both come over to me and start to Hug me and cooing me.

" We aren't going to put are hands on you yet because we don't think your ready for it okay? Your just going to have to write Lines and Lot of veggies Tonight nothing crazy OKay?" Lucas says to me I Nod my head as I put it on Lucas' shoulder.

Daxs had to finish his homework and so Work work,So Lucas put me in this lap well he made me Write 130 lines of " I will not go place without My daddy's permission" I added the "daddy" part lucas said just to put there Names but there earned it And i'm hoping if i do it they will go easy on the veggies tonight.

I know it's only been a few days since I met them but everything about them draws me into them.I can't explain it but everything about things just make me melt even if they do have a Tiny prison in their basement, i'm just going to forget that's there in the first place.

After what felt like forever I finally finished All 130 lines. My hand has never hurt more in my entire Life. I set down my pencil and picked up the papers and showed them to lucas. Not even a sec later the biggest smile on his face appeared on his face he sat down the papers and hugged me SO hard. I started to tap on his shoulder telling him i couldn't breathe. He picked me up and took the papers and walked over to Daxs and showed him too. He did the same thing, he took me out of Lucas ares and wouldn't stop hugging me.

" You know know that you can't call us anything else But Daddy now right " Daxs says to me

" Yes I know" I say

After A lot of hugs, we went out into the living room to watch some Time it was only
2:46. Daxs say I should take a little nap. I really didn't want to but he said I really needed it for some reason, So we all sat down on the couch and Lucas turned off all the lights in the living room. They put on the powerpuff girls for me. I go upstairs and grab my Big fuzzy light blue blanket.I lay down on daxs lap and he starts to rub my back.I slowly start to fall asleep, I was trying to keep myself awake because i wanted to finish the show, but I lost the battle and fell fast asleep.

Today has been one hell of a day.

#~#~#~#~After Nap time#~#~#~#~#

I wake up to someone picking me up. I have barely walked at all since I have got here.I whine because I want to be put down. I want to sleep some more. Take me back to dream land.Who ever is holding me takes me into the kitchen and sets me down on the counter. I still have my fuzzy blanket on me so I don't feel the cold counter on my butt.Daxs come over to me and hands me a sippy cup Full of water he tell me i need to drink all of it and I do because I'm still too sleepy to be a brat. After I drank all the water I felt more awake,like I wasn't about to go back to my sleep coma.

We went back into the living room. We ended up playing with my stuffies and coloring with lucas and daxs until dinner. They are really good At play with my stuffies, they told me that my daddys are pretty good at it. They still make me eat lots of vegetables. I was being a brat about it but at the end I did eat it because they said if I didnt they were going to make me write a line until bedTime.

It was finally my bed time and I went down pretty easy, Today was really long and I just wanted to sleep forever. Lucas and daxs read me bedtime stories until I fell asleep.As I fell asleep I said.

"Good night daddys"

These guys make me feel like I'm the prettiest girl in the world, everything about them makes me go crazy inside, No one has ever made me feel that way before and I Love it.


I'm going to try to make these longer because I personally Think they are really short. I have been only doing 1000 words or so and I want to make sure every Update is A GOOD update but I hope you enjoyed this chapter and i Hope you All have a Wonderful Day/Night.

PS:I was wondering if you guys might like my hero academia type story or Joker. I don't know if I was thinking about it, I'm not too sure.


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