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"I do wonder when Freya will appear, I'm rather eager to meet her," Leah spoke to her husband who was in his drawing room. 

He was paining a rather large picture but she hadn't known of what since he wouldn't yet shown her. Leah Held Joy who was comfortable in her lap, and Hayley sat on the floor playing with a laughing hope.  Rebekah was sat on a chair her legs in the air dangling from the end of the chair as she bickered with Klaus as usual. Elijah was currently stood facing the busy street his back turned ignoring both of his siblings.

As if Freya had heard them she entered the room escorted by a maid, one Klaus had compelled.

"Speak of the devil and she shall come," he spoke annoyed and watched his sister in amusement.

"Ah dear brother, I have much to speak about, but mainly of our mutually beneficial cause," she spoke entering the room and Leah watched her recognising her from someplace.

"Our cause?" Elijah spoke turning to watch his long lost sister suspiciously.

"Yes brother. Ours, now if you could all stop bickering with each other long enough your big sister would like to offer you a deal."

"What could you possibly offer us, other than fairy tales?" Klaus is asked spitting his words.

"You may think whatever you like of me dear brother know that when I speak, I speak the truth, if anyone has any doubts remember it was in fact I who rescued our sister from Fauline cottage."

"And was it not you who let Finn come after Kol?" Elijah spoke.

"I hadn't known a single thing about that, the threat came from Finn and Finn alone the brother I knew would never harm his own siblings, our mother destroyed him as she did with all of us," she spoke watching the floor sadly upon hearing Kol's name.

"Do not speak as if we are familiar, we know nothing of you," Spoke an enraged Klaus.

"You do not believe me, do you brother?" She spoke with a bitter laugh and only put up her hands.

They saw the moment their aunt Dahlia had snatched a younger Freya from her mother's arms as she cried and wailed.

"Mother promised every eldest child to our aunt as she needed do pay a price since she was barren, after seeing my memory do you really think me a liar?"

Freya had gone into depth explaining the curse of the eldest child, explaining everything to them and Elijah looked alarmed as did Leah, however Niklaus did not.

"That proves nothing other than the fact that you can conjure illusions in our minds," Spoke Klaus still not believing a word she spoke.

"Before you dismiss me brother, I think you should know something, if I have awoken from my slumber, Dahlia has as well, and the moment she senses your child's magic, she will come for her, and she has the power to kill anyone who stands in her way unless we kill her first," spoke a very scared Freya.

"Well that's rather convenient, isn't it sister? You showing up in the nick of time to help us kill the woman with who you have spent a thousand years with!" Klaus spoke still not believing a word she speaks.

"You have no idea what it took to escape her or what I lost in the trying, Her punishment will be profound," spoke a very frustrated and angry Freya.

"And you know how to stop her?" Elijah asked sympathetically watching his big sister as his brother turned to walk away but Elijah called him and be stopped in his tracks.

"Yes, I can given the correct Materials I have sent Marcel to procure them, with of course a little help with magic," she spoke nodding at her brother.

"Niklaus, this woman has knowledge, knowledge we need, and she is willing to share," Elijah spoke as Klaus' back was turned to everyone.

"By all means, if you wish to entertain this idiocy, have at it, but I shall not, my love are you coming?" He spoke asking his wife who he was now turned to.

"Nik she can help, if this curse against Dahlia is true we are in danger!"

"You as well, fine believe the idiocy so not say I hadn't warned you!" He spoke and sped out of the room.

"Thank you, your kindness is much appreciated," she spoke shyly at both Elijah and Leah.

"I am willing to accept your identity, Freya, however it doesn't mean I shall trust you, neither would the rest of our family," spoke Elijah referring to everyone In the drawing room.

"I do hope I earn that trust," she spoke and Elijah nodded.

"I am Leah, and this is Joy," Leah spoke smiling at the blond who she had heard stories about from Esther.

"You are Niklaus' wife if I'm correct? I've heard much about you over the years, people call you the original wife," She asked and leah nodded.

"I am sorry about how he is, he's rather stressed and doesn't trust easily," leah said and she laughed sadly.

"Do not worry, I do understand."

"Hi, I'm Hayley, this is Hope," Hayley said standing to face Her with Hope on her hip as she shook her hand.

"Hello, you must be Niklaus' child's mother," Freya spoke a kind smile on her face Hayley nodded with a light smile at her.

"Of course, Sister you know who I am," Rebekah said with a light laugh and she nodded with a grin.

"Your children are beautiful, I will protect them at any cost," she spoke looking at both Hope and Joy.

"I do hope we can trust you," Leah spoke and she nodded with a gentle smile.

"I must leave, I fear I have angered Niklaus rather too much," she spoke and Elijah nodded in understanding escorting her out.

Klaus returned home late last night and heard his daughters laying in play room with both Leah and Hayley. As of she has heard him Leah made her way to where he was Joy in her arms.


"Why do you believe this foolish girl and her lies!"


"This will be your downfall Leah you are too trusting."

"Niklaus! Listen, your aunt wants the eldest child from every generation to come after your mother, meaning there is a chance she had an eye on our child from the moment we convinced her, and if not her Hope, I will not allow Hayley to lose her child and I will not allow you to lose hope either, nor will I allow anyone to lose Joy, so Niklaus she of The best person to help us."

"What if she's playing tricks on us, then what leah?"

"Nik I am willing to risk that but I am not willing from anyone to lose their child, and if we're have Freya on out side we will know everything about your aunt Dahlia including her weaknesses," Klaus only watched his wife knowing she had a fair point yet he was still wary to trust this woman claiming to be his sister.

"Come lay with me," he spoke and she nodded placing her sleeping daughter in the crib.

She lay next to him, her body next to his her arm under his head as they both watched the ceiling.

"Leah I do not wish to lose either one of my daughters, but I don't believe Freya is alive, it's impossible."

"Anything possible, especially in our family my love."

"Well I guess I have another family member to kill, don't I?" Asked Klaus with an amused look earning a punch on the chest from his wife.


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