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Freya was in the compound with a rather amused looking Niklaus and a impatient looking Elijah as Leah walked in feeding Joy her bottle.

"I do hope you are not, terrorising your sister," Leah spoke sending them both a disapproving look.

"My love, I assure you we are merely just catching up," Klaus said looking at his wife with a mischievous grin.

"Well Niklaus your daughter, doesn't seem to stop crying, and she has for the past two hours so would you please please hold her," Leah spoke and he only nodded taking his daughter out of her hands as she cried, yet instantly quietened as her father picked her up.

"Freya, a woman gives birth to her child yet they love their fathers way more," Leah spoke smiling kindly at the blind who only chuckled.

"Leah, they will forever be their fathers daughters."

"Would you like breakfast sister?" Elijah asked handing leah a plate of beignets.

"Oh brother, I am starved I wouldn't mind some food," she spoke with a laugh eating the beignets.

"So Freya please continue," Spoke Niklaus as he held his daughter who only watched him.

"The first thing you should know is that Dahlia is the most powerful witch I've ever seen, yet she wants more power. As if this moment she is like me, only to one year of life in a century, but she wants to be free of that restriction, she wants to gain true immortality and that is why she will come here, drawn by your daughters to take their power for herself and she would kill anyone who would defy her, brother I could feel the power of your baby from miles away."

"And yet you would defy her for a family you do not know?" Asked Elijah watching her intently.

"Brother I do not have a choice, she will never let me be free my one chance is to align with you and kill her ourselves."

Klaus looked at Freya as he held his daughter he hadn't looked convinced so he looked at his sister with a lopsided smirk.

"Well then, let's talk specifics," Klaus said amused looking towards Freya and his daughter watched her father mirroring his expression.

Freya had explained her whole story from the moment Dahlia had taken, her to the moment she hated her the most. Freya hadn't touched anything nor did Klaus only Leah and Elijah ate.

"Your stories are fascinating, and Dahlia does indeed sound dreadful, but Elijah, my wife and I have killed our fair share of evil witches," Klaus spoke faking kindness and his wife gave him a look which screamed 'shut up'.

"No brother, not like her you have not!"

"What are her weaknesses?" Asked a interested Elijah who sipped his tea.

"She's paranoid, truly obsessed with power, she hungers constantly for what's been denied her, be it love or revenge," spoke a terrified Freya.

"Just like my dear husband," Spoke Leah looked at her husband with a knowing look and he rolled his eyes.

"When I was a child, she would tell me tales of her in the days of her youth, of being victimized by those stronger than her, so Dahlia vowed never to be weak again, she bargained for the eldest of Esther's bloodline, wanting to raise us in her own image, forming a coven of her own from which she could draw endless power, that plan was foiled the day she learned that Esther had ended her bloodline by turning her children into vampires," Freya looked at Klaus who looked as if he wanted to talk but she continued. "So once again the burden fell to me, Dahlia demanded I bear the firstborn that would add to her power, but I would not allow a child of mine to live as I did, as a slave, so I vowed never to love, never to have a child of my own but of course, the more I resisted, the harder Dahlia fought to control me," Freya cried and Elijah looked troubled and Leah sat next to her rubbing her hand in support.

"And so we slept, our magic accruing over time, until we woke, filled with immense power and allowed to live a single year of life, that has been the existence I have suffered for the last 10 centuries," Freya spoke tears still falling from her eyes and Niklaus laughed a fake one. Leah had sat comforting her sadly.

"Well it is quite the ordeal, isn't it? But it does beg the question why not end it yourself?" Leah and Elijah watched him in disgust. "Maybe a high enough bridge, a tight enough noose. You must have considered it."

"Long ago, I did consider it, but Dahlia would never give me even that freedom, I later learn the spell made me like her... Immortal and impervious to harm. So you see, I am like you, a creature of great power cursed for all time," she spoke wiping her eyes laughing bitterly.

"Niklaus, you will not speak to your sister in this sick a manner," his wife spoke looking at him in disgust.

"Freya, please come with me," spoke leah taking her daughter out of Klaus' arms and giving him a death glare, as klaus and Freya followed her into her room.

"I am very sorry for Niklaus, he doesn't tend to care about many people's feelings," spoke leah as she held her baby who wouldn't sleep.

"Oh it is fine, it's not everyday your sister comes back from the dead ,"she spoke with a sad smile.

"Believe it or not, that is very normal around here," Leah spoke sitting next to her.

Leah sat on the bed and held her daughter who began to cry again leah only sighed rocking her back and fourth. Freya watched the two and looked at the child sadly.

"May I hold her?" Asked a shy Freya and Leah only nodded handing her the child with a smile.

"She really is a beautiful child, also very powerful," she spoke playing with the baby who smiled slightly at her.

Freya played with Joy for a few hours before leaving knowing Niklaus hadn't trusted her and hadn't wanted her there. Niklaus entered the bedroom with a joyful Hope who wiggled in his arms playing around. Joy only cried in her mother's arms.

"Niklaus, your behaviour towards Freya was disgusting," she spoke swaying a crying baby.

"Excuse me for not believing her pity story-"

"You could see the pain behind her eyes, Niklaus why would you treat her like this she is your sister?"

"Because she is not my sister, my sister is Rebekah Freya died when I was young."

"Niklaus," leah started but joys cries grew louder attempting to soothe her, "Joy will you please, please calm down."

"Leah, give her to me," Klaus spoke placing a sleeping Hope into the crib.

"No I got her, she'll be fine," she spoke stubbornly.

"My love, I have no doubt that she'll be fine, just let me help," he spoke and she sighed handing her their daughter who cried for a few moments, before calming down once again.

"Niklaus you must accept Freya's help, or Dahlia will take one of these children, we can not lose either of them," she spoke and he sighed with a nod.

"I love how you don't treat Hope different as she is not yours, you are such a good mother," he spoke and she only smiled.

"She may not be my daughter but I still love her because she's yours and look at her what's not to love," she spoke as she watched Hope who began to stir as she woke up and started to cry lightly.

"I'll get her, please keep ahold of Joy," Leah spoke picking up Hope who smiled at her and quietened.

"You're so beautiful," Klaus spoke watching his wife and her step daughter.

She only looked at the beautiful baby girl as her face turned into a bright red colour. That day Hayley had spent with Rebekah and Elijah as Klaus and Leah watched both children, tending to all their needs.

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