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We headed home and started to pack for the little vacation to New Orleans and we had to stock up on blood bags for the day trip.


I started to pack a few things in my bag when I heard a bunch of things smashing in the room next door. It was Sophia's room.

I quietly walked out of my room and opened her door to see a pile of smashed up picture frames, jewellery and the Halloween dress she was wearing to that party.

She looked up at me with tear stains running down her cheeks. "Hey" she said quietly, going back to packing the clothes for the trip.

"Hi" I responded walking into the middle of the room, I looked at some of the jewellery that was there and it looked like it was from around 1864.

"Why are you throwing these away, I remember you wore them with that blue ball gown in 186-" I cut myself off when realisation hit me

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"Why are you throwing these away, I remember you wore them with that blue ball gown in 186-" I cut myself off when realisation hit me. Damon gave them to her.

"Actually, I'm burning them" she said with a proud look on her face. I smirked at her and sat next to her in the bed.

"Well we are going to be taking a trip but you are surely not going out like that" I joked with my usual smirk on my face.

My smirk fell when I felt two pairs of arms wrap around my waist. I looked down to see that her head was now buried in my chest and water marks starting to seep through my shirt.

"Well" she started to say as she released me from her strong hold "I'm going to get ready, I'm packed and I'm going to take a quick shower."

I nodded and started to walk out the room "you are the only person that I can trust and you understand me as we are both the same, thank you Klaus" she said behind me.

I turned and looked at her "anytime little sis" and walked out the room towards Elijah's room to leave a note.


When Klaus left I started to run the shower and get my clothes out that I would wear. As I was getting out some underwear I saw the pile in the middle of the room.

"phasmatos incendia circulum" I said raising my hand towards the pile. A fire circle spread around the clothes, and I began to push the fire towards them.

When it finished burning, I walked over to the bathroom and got in the shower. About 30 minutes later I got out and started with my hair.

I curled it and made a half-up, half-down flower crown and put on some light makeup. I went to my coffee maker and started to make some coffee as I got ready.

I rummaged through my draws and found a black skirt and a flower top. I grabbed some white converse and put them on.

On the way out of my room I grabbed my coffee and a black bag which shoved in my makeup bag, a polaroid camera, and my glasses.

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