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Two weeks passed and no one heard nothing from Dahlia so they assumed she hadn't planned on communicating with the family just yet. Everyone was sure she would take Hope as she was the elder child, so they protected her at all costs. Yet the family hadn't known it want Hope she had her eye on.

"NIK!" Shouted a panicked Leah, entering the compound holding her daughter close to her chest.

"What happened Sister?" Asked a worried Elijah as he rushed to her.

Hayley left her room with Hope in her arms worried as she watched Leah. Niklaus left his drawing room to see what all the fuss was and he was stood in the second floor watching his wife hold his daughter to his chest.

"Dahlia, she's here," said leah watching her husband who rushed towards her to check if either one of them where hurt.

"What happened?" He demanded looking at his wife who gulped nervously who knew her husband would go mad if he found out she was out without his protection.

"Joy and I went to the cemetery, to visit Kol's grave and on our way home, and some flower guy offered us dahlias which was rather weird but he was then possessed by something, the flower sales person said "I am here, I am everywhere, and I intend to take what's mine" then Joy began to scream so loud and I rushed home!"

"Isn't that the point of a fortress, It does a better job of protecting you when you stay within its walls?" Klaus all but shouted.

"OK! I understand now, can we just figure out what the hell we have to do, and I'm rather sure she wants Joy," she spoke worry in her voice.


"Niklaus please speak to your wife with some respect, but Leah he is right, as are you we must find a new strategy so sister if you may," spoke Elijah interrupting Niklaus as he shouted at his wife.

"The spell you described, Dahlia calls it kenning, using proxies to watch her enemies from but, I've never seen it done on quite this scale," Klaus only watched her half curious and half panicked.

"So every bloody person, human or supernatural is a spy thats just amazing," Leah spoke with a frustrated sigh.

"The good thing is that I know a little about how her magic works, and this tonic I prepared will not allow her to use either of us," Freya spoke pouring tea in everyones tea cup.

"Bottoms up!" Spoke Rebekah drinking the brown liquid as did everyone else, apart from Niklaus who only stared at the cup.

"Niklaus, is there something you wish to contribute?" Spoke Elijah in pure annoyance in his voice.

"I prefer biscuits with my tea," klaus said shrugging his shoulders, and Elijah and Leah rolled their eyes at him.

"Of course," Elijah muttered under his breath clearly annoyed at him.

"Besides, our minds are far too strong to be invaded by kenning spells She's preparing for battle my guess is sooner rather than later," spoke Klaus ignoring Elijah who rolled his eyes once again and sipped his tonic.

"Well if she was watching us she would know, we're more powerful than she knows," Hayley said as if comforting Leah.

"Joy will be okay, I'll make sure of it," said a very worried Elijah comforting Leah who only nodded.

Rebekah and Freya where sitting on the bench opposite to each other chanting something incoherent. Rebekah quickly let go of Freya's hands as if they had burnt her.

"Rebekah, we must continue," Freya said speaking to her sister gently.

Rebekah on looked at her sister in shock and Leah watched them concern and confusion written on her face.

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