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"My love thank you for coming, isn't our daughter with you?" Asked Klaus watching his wife who stood far from him.

"She is with Freya and Marcellus, Why did you ask to meet me here?"

"Well, I had hoped we might have a chat, and I thought you might appreciate the change of venue, so I am allowing you to see a private tour of one of my exhibitions," he spoke smiling at his wife kindly walking closer to her and she only moved back.

"They are just paintings of me during the centuries," she spoke gulping as he attempted to come close.

"I will not hurt you," he said walking closer to his wife his voice soft.

"Niklaus, I don't believe you," she spoke backing away in fear he only watched her sadly hating what he had done.

"My love-"

"I came to talk about our daughter, not to appreciate the art if you want to talk about our daughter fine, but I will not sit here and talk about anything else."

"Have I offended you?" He asked his wife again walking towards her who only walked back hitting the wall.

"Please don't hurt me," she spoke fear in her voice and he stopped in his place.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you that day," he spoke referring to the incident that occurred two months ago.

"I don't want to talk about it," she spoke scared, in their thousand years together he hadn't once laid a hand on his wife but that day he had hurt her, almost killing her and hurt his daughter in the process.

"Will you perhaps escort me to tomorrow's opening?" He asked his wife and she continued to watch the floor.

"If you want to see Joy, text me and if not, leave me alone," she spoke looking at his face and he looked torn so she sped away.

As she attempted to leave the compound as fast as possible ran into Elijah who looked at her and saw the fear in her face.

"Sister, are you ok?" He asked and she only nodded rushing out of there.

Finding her way to Rousseau's she ordered a whiskey and downed it as fast as she could. Before someone sat next to her.

"Same as the lady, leave the bottle, it's on the house," compelled a voice so familiar Leah almost snapped her neck to face him.

"Ah look who's still alive," spoke Leah with an eye roll.

"Oh cmon love, we know you missed me," he spoke looked at her with a smirk.

"I'd rather snap my own neck, a hundred times," she spoke emotionless downing another drink.

"Ah, my dear Leah as sarcastic as usual," spoke Lucien before laughing and drinking his drink.

"Go away Lucien nobody like a lurker," spoke Leah annoyed at the oldest sired vampire she knew.

Instead of a waiting for his reply she slammed a hundred dollar bill and left going towards where Marcel and Freya where.

"Hello my beautiful baby," spoke Leah walking towards her daughter who was pulling on Marcels ear she only watched her mom laughing.

"Are you hurting your brother?" She spoke taking her out of Marcels And Freya just walked out of the bathroom.

"She was amazing as usual, and I made her a bracelet to control her magic," Freya spoke and leah nodded thanking her and she smiled at leah.

"What did Nik want?" Freya spoke asking her closest friend worried what her brother had done.

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