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"I think, I think we're related," Spoke Hayley voice breathless as she stood on the doorstep of Leah house walking in quickly.

"Sure Hayley, just come on in," Spoke Leah sarcastically with confusion written on her face.

"Leah, you're over a thousand years old aren't you?" Hayley spoke and Leah only nodded.

"So look," she alone handing her a very very old book showing her a page that read: '25th September 982, Leah Estrid Auzoux'

"Thats my name," Leah spoke confused and Hayley only nodded.

"We're family, distant of course but we're related," Hayley spoke with a smile.

"We're the only living crescents along with our daught-"

"Look Hayley, I learnt to let go of my werewolf side the day my parents sent me to live with my aunt when I was thirteen, so I'm sorry Hayley but I don't care-"

"Leah we're family and you can't just ignore that i-, you're the only living descendent I have left, me you, joy and Hope, we're all family, not just because I had Klaus' daughter and I am sorry," she spoke and Leah sighed.

"So You're basically my very distant niece," she spoke with a laugh and Hayley nodded.

"Yes you are," Hayley smiled with a large grin.

"I always thought I had no family, I grew up believing it, and then the Mikaelsons came along and  I felt like I had a family, and I do but I never thought I'd have actual family," Hayley spoke with her grin never leaving and Leah chuckled. "No wonder you felt connected to me."

"God, Leah I'm so happy," she spoke with a grin.

"I can tell, just relax, Hales ok?" Leah spoke with a chuckled and she nodded eagerly and hugged her.

Leah only shook her head, hugging her back not wanting to let her go. However she knew if she would let go of the Mikaelsons she would have to let go of Hayley.

"Leah we have to tell Elijah," spoke an overjoyed Hayley Leah only laughed at her nodding in agreement.

Leah picked up Joy and changed her and placed her in her stroller she only laughed and cooed the whole time.

"Leah you're here," Spoke an overjoyed Klaus she only rolled her eyes as everyone sat in the compound.

"Kol, Elijah, Rebekah, Freya," Leah spoke hugging them all with a grin hugging them.

"Hello Hope, how are you, you beautiful baby?" Leah spoke holding the baby who only laughed in her arms, watching her mother hold Hope Joy began to cry and Klaus began laughing.

"She is a jealous one isn't she?" He spoke watching his daughter cry as her mother held Hope.

"Just like her father, right Nik?" Spoke Elijah chuckling softly.

"Guys we have news," Hayley spoke practically jumping up and down. "We're related, Leah and I."

"She's my distant niece," Leah spoke looking at her husband who's eyes held shock.

"Would you look at that Nik, you had a baby with your wife's niece, which makes her your niece by marriage, you truly are disgusting brother," Kol spoke with a laugh, Klaus only glared at his brother. 

"Kol your brother is a monster," Leah spat her words looking at her husband who clenched his jaw looking at Hope as he held her.

"Kol, Rebekah what do you we have a day to us and of course Joy who will not leave me alone," spoke Leah watching both Kol and Rebekah who nodded eagerly.

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