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1- Positions  ᴀ

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1- Positions ᴀ. ɢʀᴀɴᴅᴇ

I fall to the floor holding my cheek. Tears streaming down my face blocking the view of the person I call my mother.

"You useless piece of shit."

"This is why no one loves you."

"You really are pathetic."

"Your father can't help you now."

"It's your fault he's dead."

And with that, she walked off. Her words hit like bullets. Today was my first day at Kaibara high. I wanted to have an at least ok day, but no. I forgot I can't do that with my mother. I grab my bag and walk out the door off to school.


-Hey where are you?
are you ok?

Just my mom lol-

-Are you coming to

Yup I'm almost there-

'I'm lattteeee.'
'Move move out my way I'm late-'

And I bump into someone.


"I am sooo sorry I didn't see you"

I look down to see I'm on top of THE Prince Yuki.
He has some sort of shocked/scared expression on his face.

"It's fine but can you please get  off of me."

"Yea, sure no problem."

I get up then finish my Journey back to my homeroom.

"Miss L/N you're late." My teacher tells me as if I don't already know.

"Yea I know, sorry."

"Your lucky it's your first day."

The teacher continues to talk, but I eventually tuned her out. However, this dude with bright orange hair can't keep his eyes off me. I know I'm hot but damn.

'Finally school is over'

"Hey l/n right? I'm Tohru Honda!"

"Yea, hey Honda"

I turn around to meet a short girl with brown hair. She's with the prince and that red head from earlier. I did hear about them being cousins or something.

"If you don't have anything to do this afternoon, it would be amazing if you could eat dinner with us!"

I feel like I don't have a option... so sure why not.

"Yes I would love to"

And like that we were off.

The walk to there house was very awkward. Well at least to me. I'm fine, as long as they don't ask why I mo-

"So y/n; if you don't mind me asking, why did you move here?"

well shit. How do I tell her my mom stopped working after my father's death making us move to a smaller house so she can spend are non existing money on alcohol ...

"Oh um just work related I guess."

There house was nice actually. Quite spacious. They also live with an older male. Maybe 10 or so years older then us. A couple minutes after we got there, the boys went upstairs to talk. So that just left me while Tohru Cooked.

"The foods done!"

"Okay Thanks."

"Thank you for the food!"

'There not judging how you eat.' 'There not judging how you eat. 'There not-

"So y/n, where did you say you moved from again?"

{Location name}. I told Yuiki.

"And your last name is l/n?"


Awkward silence.

"If you don't mind me asking.., why did you guys invite me over?"

I was sitting here patiently waiting for a response, when Yuiki gets up ang hugs Tohru then-


I finally finished the first chapter!!! lmk how you like it. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes lmao. And yes we love a cliff hanger ;) I will for the most part follow the plot. BUT THIS STORY IDEA THING HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR MONTHHHS. Anyways have an amazing day and don't forget to take care of your self, drink water and get plenty of rest

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6.4.21  a/n; ...I promise it gets better

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