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Readers POV:
Standing in front of the building that will change my life forever. I looked up at the sign, it read, Seoul National University Hospital. I sighed and smiled. I was ready for the new experience. after standing at the entrance for some time, I walked in and headed to the main desk where the receptionist called someone to help me find the way to the resident's lockers. Then two girls came in front of me and they looked pretty young. " Hello, are you Doctor L/N?" " yes, I am," I said. " I'm Mina and This is Sarah we will be your Interns for the week. let me show you to the resident's lockers" she said.  I smiled and said, " nice to meet you both, and thank you." we began to walk and I said. " though I may be new here, I have been a resident for two years and want to let you know that I expect both of you on time whenever I page you. I also expected you to do what you are told. For Example, If I assign you to someone you then go to that someone. understood? " I said. They nodded. " good, other than that we should get along great, and if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. I know I might seem strict but I am not just trying to save lives and stay focus." I said as I let out a small smile. " we understand, don't worry, also if you need us to show you around the hospital, please let us know." Sarah said. " Thank you, so I will see both of you in the emergency room in about 10 minutes," I said, and they nodded and went to get dressed. I stood in front of the resident's locker and walked in. I saw my locker in the back and quickly got dress. 

After I put on my scrubs and made sure I have everything I need for the day I headed to the emergency room to start my 24-hour shift. Once I get there I see a tall doctor who was filling out a patient's chart.  " Hi, I'm Doctor F/N L/N. I just moved here not too long ago and today is my first day here." I smiled at him. He smiled, " Welcome Doctor Kim Taehyung, I've been working here for quite a while and am a General surgeon." " So am I, I'm in the emergency room today so I think we will be working together right." I said. " yes, unless something happens and you need to assist another doctor then you must assist the doctor. But other than that, yeah.  Hopefully, we get along well." He smiled. " I hope so too." Just then a nurse came in between us. " we have two people coming in, in just a bit. One 32-year-old male and a 19-year-old female. The male is in critical condition and is unconscious. The female is suffering from abdominal pain and neck pain." That's when we put on our gowns and went outside to meet the ambulance. 

" Okey, doctor l/n go with doctor min and you will assist him with the 32-year-old male." I nodded. " Mina go with doctor Kim and help his team. Sarah, you will stay here with me." She quickly went to his side and once the Ambulance arrived. We got the people out and began to do our job. We got the 32-year-old male and began to do our work. As soon as we began to work on getting an iv a tall Doctor came in. "What's the case?" he said as he began to examine the patient. "32-year-old male, he's unconscious and is showing signs of internal damage," I said. " Alright let's get him a CT Scan quickly," he said as  Sarah and I  began to take him. After the CT scan popped up, we realize his brain was starting to swell slowly. We quickly got him to an OR. Many times during the procedure the patient would just go unstable but then we were able to get him back. As we finished, we took a deep breath. Once they transferred him to a room I walked out of the OR and sat outside for a minute. This was a lot. Usually, I don't really do this but it's a lot harder than I thought. I didn't even get a report from- " Doctor L/n?" I looked up  "yes?" I stood up quickly. " ah, I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself properly I'm Doctor Min, neurosurgeon." " I'm a general surgeon, nice to meet you." " you too, I just wanted to say, good job today. I know it may have been too much but you did very well." He said. " oh, thank you. This has been a bit much since I'm not really in the emergency room. Usually, I'm in a clinic or only doing scheduled surgeries. But thank you." " no problem. See you around" he said and walked away. I sighed and he stopped and turned. He said, .......

" oh I forgot, welcome to Seoul National University Hospital " 

End of chapter 1-

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