Chapter 22

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Hi guys, here's another chapter for you ❤️

~Victoria's POV

Jessica speaks in a stern voice. "After the ball, you should disappear."

I stare at Jessica bewildered, still trying to process exactly what she just said. I turn to her fully "Disappear? Jess I can't do that. Why would I do that to Xavior?"

She comes towards me, grabs me by my shoulders and looks me dead in the eye. "Victoria, you have said it yourself, there's something wrong going on. Are you really going to stick around for something bad to happen? Do you really want to put yourself in such danger?" she asks me in an almost panicked manner.

I stare at her and think about what she's saying. She releases me from her hold and steps back. I groan loudly trying to calm the unnecessary headache that has sneakily slipped into my head while I was speaking to Jessica.

I rub my head and try to think. If Xavior is keeping something from me, doesn't it mean that it is about me? I scrunch my face in annoyance as this is what I did not need. I head to the kitchen and sit on the stool.

Jessica sits next to me and tries again to convince me that I need a break from everything. I look at her and agree to her statement. "You're right Jess, if my life is in danger, I need to stay as far away from Xavior as possible, but he needs to know that im leaving, I can't leave him in the dark like that" Jessica nods in agreement and we head to bed as it is late.

I toss and turn, but can't seem to find a comfortable position. I look for my phone to see if I haven't missed any calls or text messages from Xavior, but to my disappointment, all I receive is nothing.

I play with the beautiful pendent around my neck and think of it as a symbol of Xavior's love for me. I still cannot believe he used the L word. Do I love him? I quickly leave the thought as it is really late and I need to get some sleep. I let the darkness consume me and fall deep into a much needed rest.

~Xavior's POV
*Where he's leaving Victoria's house*

I quickly dial Kyle's phone as I need to draw up an emergency meeting with him and my head security as I have received another threat from Jackson, but this one was about Victoria.

I get Kyle on the phone as I get into my car and speed off, I connect my phone to the car as i did not want to hold it while I drive. I hear his voice over the speakers of my car. "Yes boss, what is it?" I frantically rush through the traffic trying to get home. "I need you to call up an emergency meeting with our head security and meet me in my office, I'll be home soon"

Kyle speaks again, "Okay, I'm contacting him right now and we'll be in your office when you arrive. What's this about?" he asks, I make a sharp turn causing some cars to hoot at me.

"I'll explain when I get there, I'm almost home" I end the call and focus on driving. After another ten minutes, I make my way into my house and head straight to the office where I see Kyle and Nate sitting on their respective seats in front of my desks.

I walk to my seat and switch on my laptop to show them why I called them in today.

I show the footage of the night Daniel broke in, from the camera that was hidden in his jacket. A person can clearly see Victoria fighting Daniel and then us hugging and me kissing her. A message that was attached under the video stating. "I see the all powerful Xavior has found his weakness. It will be fun having you watch how I play with sweet Victoria. See you soon, Jackson."

Nate and Kyle sits in silence as the video comes to an end. I slam my hands on the desk startling Kyle and Nate." DAMNIT! He. Will. Not. Have. Her. " I say in a deadly tone to Nate, who nods his head showing no emotions.

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