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That morning Leah was dragged to the compound by a distressed Elijah who awoke her terribly early in the morning.

"Tristan De Martel, I was wondering when you would show up," Leah Spoke entering the compound holding a sleeping baby.

"Lady Leah, may I say you look as ravishing as you did almost nine hundred years ago," he spoke with a light smile.

"Why thank you darling, now what is it you want?" She spoke with a smile.

Tristan had always known Leah to be the compassionate kind one compared to the rest of them and he still believed she is. That is why he wanted to speak to her. Upon hearing the news that she had a child he was shocked. Yet seeing the distance between her and Niklaus he understood they where arguing once again.

"So Lady Leah I am having a gala, and it is invite only, and you and Elijah are invited, I do hope to see you," He spoke before leaving.

"Great, so it looks like we have a party to go to," Leah spoke sarcastically looking at Elijah who chuckled.

"Sister Niklaus will leave his drawing room any second, so if you would like to leave-"

"Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear," Spoke Leah with an eye roll.

"Good morning my love, how are you and my daughter this fine morning," be spoke walking down with a smile seeing his wife.

"Elijah, I'll see you here at 7 please do be ready," she spoke before leaving. 

"The gala starts at 6," Elijah spoke to a laughing Leah.

"Elijah you're the guest of honour, and you're accompanied by me so brother fashionably late is the way we must go," she spoke with a chuckle and Klaus watched them curious.

"What gala?" Spoke Niklaus and leah only rolled her eyes and left with her daughter.

It took her hours to find a dress she liked and noticed one she had since the early nineteen hundreds. She loved the way the blue material felt between her fingers. The the way the blue colour would remind her of The ocean.  Her husband bought her that dress yet she never wore it. Instead of ignoring the dress she decides she would wear it to the gala this evening.

Once she was dressed it was half six and she went to the Mikaelson compound to see Niklaus sat with Lucien drinking a bottle of whiskey. As seeing his wife he looked at her with a light smile.

"You look rather ravishing tonight my love."

"Oh darling he was not lying, you do look ravishing tonight," spoke Lucien with a smirk and Niklaus punched him.

"Hello sister I think it's time we leave," Elijah spoke and Leah nodded following him to where the strix where having their party.

"Where is Tristan?" Asked leah looking for him and Elijah only watched everyone. "Elijah what's wrong?"

"What are they doing here?" He asked his eyes looking towards Marcel.

"Elijah why is my son here?"

"I should have known," Elijah spoke annoyance on his voice. "Leah this is not a gala, it is an initiation."

Just as leah was about to speak Tristan tapped his glass which was filled with champagne. 

"Distinguished friends, welcome it's so rare that we're able to come together like this to revel for one night in the company of true equals now I'd like to take a moment to welcome a very special guest, Mr. Marcel Gerard," he spoke with a smirk and Leah looked at him as everyone applauded.

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