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"Sister How nice of you to come and join us," Elijah spoke noticing Leah spoke walking in her posture tired.

"You look like you haven't slept," spoke Kol with a smirk.

"Oh fuck off, I haven't slept for the past three weeks and I'm going mad, this child doesn't let me sleep, I feel like my head is going to explode," she spoke sitting on the bench with her hands In her hair Joy laughing in the stroller.

"She's laughing at you, she is going to get her evilness from her father!" Kol spoke and Leah scoffed with and klaus only chuckled.

"Brother there is something at the door for you," Spoke Rebekah walking in with a box in her arms and a note attached to it.

"Roses are red, Lavender is blue, come find me before I find you, your loving Aurora," Spoke Niklaus who looked shocked at the letter he read in his hand.

"I remember her to be a better poet," spoke Leah remembering Aurora sending her husband letters when they stayed at the castle.

"I wouldn't say she's lacking in poetry," Elijah spoke showing them the dead crows in the box.

"She wants us to find her, so let's find her," Niklaus spoke earning an eye roll from his wife.

"You're so eager Niklaus, can't wait to jump back into bed with your, what did you call her again, oh right your epic love," Leah spoke with a scoff and he rolled his eyes.

"I couldn't help it, she truly was a beauty," he spoke with a chuckle and his wife watched her daughter.

"Niklaus, you bastard your wife is sat right opposite you!" Kol spoke choking Niklaus and she only sighed.

"Kol please just let him go, I told you I do not care anymore," she spoke her eyes avoiding Klaus' sorrowful ones.

"I say we let that sneaky little bitch come to us," Spoke an annoyed Rebekah hate seething through her words.

"My love may I speak to you?" Klaus spoke asking his wife to speak to her privately.


"My love it's important-"

"If you figure out a way to get our daughter to sleep let me know," she spoke with an eye roll.

"Love it's about Aurora-"

"I don't want to speak about the first time you cheated on me-"

"I love you what else-"

"Hello my darling, I've missed you," Spoke Aurora Who ran to Niklaus kissing him.

Leah just turned and watched them as Nik kissed her back his arms around her waist. Leah only strapped her three month old into her stroller and before she walked out Kol sped in front of her she only smiled at him one that didn't reach her eyes.

"SISTER!" shouted Elijah calling for her, but she was out of the compound without turning back.

The second she left the compound she couldn't hold in her sob any longer. Instead of trying to she let it out walking the busy streets of New Orleans towards her home.

As she reached home Joy was already sound asleep in her stroller so she picked her up and placed her into the crib. She hadn't slept in almost three full weeks and she was exhausted. Sitting on the couch she lifted her feet to her chest and sat watching the fire in front of her her tears falling freely.

Almost an hour later there was a knock on the door and she hadn't wanted to open it, instead she sat on the couch still crying her heart aching. Hearing Joy cry she just sighed. As much as she hadn't wanted to admit it she was never going to be over him. The knocks only got louder and louder and the door swung open.

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