Chapter 8

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"Dad! Wait stop!" I exclaim, trying to grab his arm.

2 of my dads men grab me and hold me back.

"Let go of me! Dad it's my fau-" I get cut off by one of them pushing me to the ground.

I see Liam look back. He runs over and punches the guy that pushed me down.

They all start fighting.

I get back up.
It all happened so fast. The gun shots..

My father shot Liam and the guy who pushed me.

"Liam!" I scream and run over to him.

He was shot in his arm

"Your alright." I say with worry, trying to get him to open his eyes.

His eyes are closed and he lets out a groan.

" Why would you do that!?" I cry with sobs in between.

"He needed to be tamed." He says with darkness.

"But it wasn't his fault! It was mine. I ran off. It was me." I say wiping my tears and holding my hands over his gun shot wound.

"Someone call the medical team." Says my father as he walks off.

I wipe my tears as I look down at him.

They all leave, leaving me alone with him. Hovering over his body.

It takes a few minutes before I see a few men pick him up and put him on a stretcher and take him away.

The next day I wake up and get dressed fast.

I rush down to the med center that Liam is being held in

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I rush down to the med center that Liam is being held in. I don't think I've ever hated my father than I do right now. We didn't speak last night, as he deserved. I understand things between us were moving fast, but I never felt safer when I am with him.

Once I rush down there, the nurse lets me in. I just want to make sure he's okay.

As I walk down the isle of hurt and injured men, I glance back and forth between all of them. I take a deep breath as I see the curtain he's behind

"Miss, your father informed me for you not to go in there. He doesn't have his mask on." She says with attitude.

"Well, I'm informing you, to let me in." I say.
She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. She moves out of the way and opens the curtain.

I see his perfectly shaped and tan skin. And he's shirtless. Damn me.

He's asleep. I sit at the foot of the bed and tuck all of my hair behind my ears. I look down at his hand and it's handcuffed to the bed.

I take a deep sigh of frustration. None of this is his fault.

I guess he heard me when I sighed because his eyes fluttered open, and I got to see those eyes that made me fall.

"Hey.." I say softly.

"Hey." He says in a sleepy voice.
"I'm sorry about my father." I say quickly.

He shakes his head and pretends like it's all good, but it's not. I'm an idiot.

"This is my fault and I'm sorry. I just wanted you to know I never thought this would happen." I say, with my eyes darted at his arm.

"Shut up. It's not your fault." He says in a teasing tone. He gives me a slight smirk.
"If anything, it's mine. I screwed up." He implies.

"I'm gonna talk to him. There's no need for you to be hand cuffed to the damn bed like this." I say as I lift the chain of the handcuff with my finger.

"Right.." He says slowly as he lifts his hand, looking at the hand cuff.

I stay silent. I hope he's not mad at me. Even though he should be.
As I'm drowned in my thoughts I glance over at him and he's smiling at me.

"What?" I ask.

"What's going on in that gorgeous head?" He says smiling.

"Nothing." I lie.
All the sudden before he can say more, the nurse opens the curtain.

"It's time for his meds." She says, looking impatient.

I glare at her before looking back to him. I give his hand a squeeze. He smiles at me and I leave.

I dash back up to the main hall room. I see my father in his study, through the glazed window.

"Papà!" I say as I slam my hands on his desk.

"Cosa, tesoro?" He replies, looking annoying.

"Why is Liam chained up to the hospital bed like an animal?!" I exclaim with anger.

"Because he acted like an animal. And you not to see him, until I speak with him." He says.

"Why? What has he done?" I ask, raising my voice and instantly regretting it.

"Ho detto quello che ho ora lascia predere!" He yells. (I meant what I said. Now leave.)

I roll my eyes and walk out.
Things won't be like this forever. He's still my body guard.

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