Control Your Self

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"I'm looking for some witches, by the names Jane Anne Deveraux and Lydia Bennet, have some business with me" Klaus.


"I'm looking for some witches, by the names Jane Anne Deveraux and Lydia Bennet, have some business with me" Klaus.

"Looking for Jane Anne and Lydia, then you probably ought to come with me" I took a quick look round the corner to see someone who I thought was dead. Marcel.

He got up and headed towards where I was I quickly dashed to the bar. "Haha showtime," he said walking out of the bar.

I followed out to see hundreds of vampires on top of houses and cars. "Oh how's the family," Marcel said in a voice I couldn't work out.

"Those who live, hate me more than ever," Klaus said glancing over at him. I wanted to hit him so hard in the head, he knew I would never turn my back on him so why was he acting like that.

"Oh forget them, if your blood relations let you down forget em, you taught me that," Marcel said with a smile too big for his face.

"And what's mine is yours, as always" he continued "even my night-walkers, the riff-raff," he said as he ripped a branch off a tree.

"They are hardly subtle are they," Klaus said glancing around, looking at the other vampires.

"It's the quarter there is no such thing as subtle" Marcel said followed by a whistle and a cheer from his followers.

"Jane Anne Deveraux, Lydia Bennet." He said they had the girls tied up with rope "give it up for Jane Anne, come on" everyone started cheering.

I could just about see them both scared to death "and the one who never ages, Lydia Bennet" the cheers roared when he said her name.

"Jane Anne, Lydia you have been accused of the practice of witchcraft beyond the bounds of the rules set forth and in-forced by me, how do you plead" Marcel announced before running over to Klaus and saying "was that convincing, I studied law back in the 50s, hold that thought"

He turned back to the witches "seriously you two tick-tock, you know the drill how do you plead" he said getting closer to them.

"We didn't do anything," Jane said making everyone laugh.

"Ohhh that's a lie" Marcel spat in her face "you know it" he said pointing between them "I know it and you hate that I know it. It drives you witches crazy that I'm aware of your every move, that you can't do magic in this town without getting caught."

"So why don't we just cut to the chase you tell me what agog your doing, I mean tell me I'll grant you leniency. Hey, I am after all a merciful man" he continued.

"Rot in hell monster" Lydia spat at him Jane nodded at her.

"Tell you what I'll give you one more chance" he paused and slit their throats with the branch "or not" he laughed.

Klaus looked horrified, he didn't know who I was meeting up with. I gasped and fell to the floor, both my best friends where dead and I was not gonna take this lightly.

I went back to the hotel in tears and quickly changed into my pajamas and went to bed. The hybrids didn't ask anything because they knew not to.

I had never met Marcel in person but I had seen him when he was with Klaus back before the war. Klaus told me he was a nice person, obviously not.

I woke up at around 7 am and got changed, I was going to go and try to get  Lydia in the graveyard and at peace.

I wore a navy hoodie, black skinny jeans, and some navy blue converse. I put in my glasses and beanie and grabbed a backpack which I filled with candles and a lighter.

 I put in my glasses and beanie and grabbed a backpack which I filled with candles and a lighter

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I got to the place where they were and saw a bunch of witches around the two dead bodies. I walked over to them and sat next to Lydia.

I started to set up candles around the two bodies. "You're going to get yourself killed." One of the witches said.

I turned around "I can't die it's impossible" I turned back around and started to chant. I stopped chanting once my spell was complete and turned to the witch I was talking to before.

"All we have to do now is get them to the graveyard" I smiled and nodded. I grabbed Lydia and made my way to the graveyard.

I had just finished putting her there with the help of other witches and went back for Jane Anne. I was by myself and went a long way to think about how I could have done something.

I got to an isolated part of the city and began to chant, I had to apologize. But one of Marcel's day walkers saw me and grabbed me by my throat and pinned me up against the wall.

"Hey boss we have a witch," he said tilting his head at me I turned my nose up in disgust as Marcel stalked around the corner where I was.

Klaus followed behind as his eyes widened with shock that I was there. I looked at him and I knew he could see how upset I was.

"Hello there, what are you doing here Miss" Marcel said in a babyish voice.

"Well I was waiting for someone to turn up yesterday so I could meet with them and I turn a corner to see them being killed," I said with a smile on my face.

"You must be a new witch let me tell you something," he said walked towards me, too close for my liking. "Witches don't do magic here so you can follow my rules or don't and die. Do you understand me?"

"Sorry mate, I don't take orders I only give them," I said to him looking him in the eye. I smiled and shook off the vampire who was holding me. "I suggest you don't threaten me"

I began to walk away when a stake came flying towards me and it went straight into my chest. I gasped at the sudden contact and dropped to the floor.

I looked to Klaus for help but he just looked at me with no facial expression. "Sorry miss you looked her good as well but I don't like the attitude," Marcel said.

I couldn't take it anymore I looked up towards him with pure hatred on my face. I picked myself up off the ground and pulled the stakeout that had skimmed my heart, I wasn't dead but it still hurt. My eyes turned amber as I lunged at him.

My teeth were out and I looked like I would become a wolf right there, right now. But someone grabbed onto me and vamp sped me away. "Control yourself, I would have thought better of you."

I looked up to see a man in a suit, cleaning his hands that had blood in them.

Hi I just wanted to say sorry if I disappoint anyone but Haley won't be in this story and nor will hope as it will go back to the vampire diaries.

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