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"And why do I have to be here?" Spoke an annoyed Leah who was at the table with Elijah who sighed and Niklaus who was still annoyed at her since she spent the night with Lucien a week ago.

Lucien walked in and grinned at Leah who smiled back at him. Tristan behind him walking towards them.

"Ah flowers for me, you shouldn't have," spoke Lucien with a smirk looking at Tristan who walked in with a bouquets of roses.

"These are for the lady of the house, the well mannered bring a gift when invited to dinner. I assume you brought nothing," spoke Tristan watching Lucien.

"Nothing but my dearest respect for you," he spoke watching him back with a light eye roll.

"Lovely, we're all getting along," Spoke Niklaus glaring at the flowers in Tristans hands.

"Your favourite my lady," he spoke handing Leah the roses who grinned seeing her favourite flowers.

"Enough flirting with my wife, the both of you, I will not hesitate to rip your tongues from your mouth," spoke Niklaus who looked annoyed at both Lucien and Tristan. "I take it Aurora is on her way."

"Hello Nik," she spoke walking in and Niklaus only grinned at her. "Well, Lucien, long time."

"Hello Aurora it's been a while, you look.." started Lucien only to roll his eyes at her.

"You look ravishing sweetheart," spoke Klaus watching Aurora, not noticing his wife watch her lap.

"Leah my darling, you look spectacularly beautiful," Lucien spoke taking her hand and kissing it, causing her to look up with a small chuckle and head shake , her husband only glared at him.

"Welcome to our home. I do wish it was under better circumstances. We all face a common threat... A prophecy warning that my siblings and I would all fall within a year," spoke Elijah getting straight to the point diverting Niklaus' attention.

"Only as a precautionary measure, I assure you," Tristan said speaking to Elijah.

"Interesting, You see, I would have called it an entirely unnecessary measure. We need to unite to prevent the prophecy from coming to pass, and since any alliance is impossible without honesty, let us begin this evening's proceedings by formally acknowledging your clandestine alliance," said Elijah watching Tristan carefully.

"Now, gentlemen, before-" Lucien spoke interrupting them.

"Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Lucien, please. Let's not ruin the dinner before it begins," Elijah said shutting up Lucien and Leah chuckled sipping her wine.

"And do try to bear in mind, we expect an honest and productive negotiation this evening," Klaus spoke placing down his glass.

"Says the honest one," mumbled Leah sarcastically but Niklaus heard her and only looked at his glass.

"Shall we begin?" Elijah spoke clearing his throat.

"It's a bit odd, isn't it, celebrating an American holiday?" Spoke Lucien asking Elijah.

"Well, Lucien, I rather enjoy Thanksgiving, the turkey, the cranberry sauce, the lies, the deceit, the betrayal, perhaps we should begin this evening's proceedings with a little confession, and do help yourselves," spoke Leah watching her husband the whole time.

"So this entire dinner is meant to be some boorish inquisition how rude, isn't she rather rude Niklaus?" Spoke Aurora watching Leah and Niklaus.

"Nonsense, darling she is rather lovely when she wants to be, my wife merely wishes to make certain we're all on the same page, isn't that right my love?" He spoke watching his wife with a smile and she rolled her eyes.

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