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"We've found, six one more to go," Leah muttered to Hayley as she flopped down on the couch.

A six year old Joy ran towards her seven year old sister who where in front of the tv laughing. Leah couldn't help but drift of thinking about her husband  

"Look how much they've grown," Hayley spoke with a sigh.

"I know, they've grown up to be so beautiful," Leah spoke watching her with a grin as her phone pinged.
"I found a Malraux wolf, you stay with the girls?"

"I'll start mixing Freya's antidote," she spoke with a grin which mirrored Leah's face.

As she walked to the bar she noticed a dark haired woman sitting in the bar. She walked to her and grinned.

"I hear you're the last Malraux wolf around," she spoke and the girl who smiled backed away and Leah grabbed her arm.

"You better back away," she spoke her eyes shining bright yellow and Leah watched her.

"I really wish I could," she spoke hey eyes mirroring hers. 

As they walked out the back the girl elbowed Leah in the face and she groaned getting up as she ran. Standing in front of her she sighed with an eye roll.

"There's no getting away from me child, and I really don't have time for this," she spoke knocking her out with a punch.

Rushing back to an abandoned warehouse where Hayley was with the coffins and compelled a baby to watch the little girls. She took some of the girls werewolf venom from her teeth and she groaned waking up in pain. Hayley quickly woke up Freya with a hopeful smile and she awoke with a gasp. Turning to watch look at Leah she only smiled at her. Leah and Hayley quickly turned to hug Freya who smiled at them nicely.

"We don't have time, I'll mix up an elixir and I'll give it to Rebekah and my brothers," she spoke and they both nodded watching her as she patiently until they heard a noise.

"Do you hear that?" Asked Hayley watching Leah and she nodded. "You stay with Freya and I'll go check it out."

Leah only watched as Hayley ran towards where the noise came from and Leah stood protecting a Freya who injected Elijah and Kol with something and placed something on Rebekah's hex.

"Elijah Hayley is in the next room, fighting some people, you go I'll stay and watch her," spoke Leah's bd he nodded eagerly walking towards her as he hugged his sister.

As Elijah saw Hayley he wrapped his arms around her naked body who just came back from her wolf form. He handed her her coat and she put it on covering herself as much as she could.

"Leah?" Spoke Kol and she grinned as he wrapped his arms around him.

"We've missed you guys," Rebekah spoke hugging both Leah and Hayley.

"Let's go home," Leah spoke as they all got into the suv and they headed home.

Everyone was excited to meet both Joy and Hope. As they arrived back it was late and they girls where asleep and in their beds. Hayley and Elijah where the first to go upstairs to do their business. Everyone took their own rooms and Leah checked on the the girls before heading back to the kitchen to pour some whine. As she sat on the couch she was relieved that she would finally be able to see her husband who she hadn't seen in six years.

"Hey what's up?" Spoke Rebekah as she came down the stairs.

"I miss Nik," she spoke with a laugh and she handed Rebekah a glass of wine.

"We'll get him back, tomorrow we'll leave in the morning and leave Freya with the girl, who might I say are absolutely beautiful."

"Thanks bex, I'm so excited which is weird," he spoke and she laughed with a grin.

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