Chapter 15

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Kates Pov

I woke up around Three in the morning with an upset tummy and my head hurt more than ever.God I think I'm sick. I don't want to wake the boys up because they had a long day Too.I decide that i'm going to go down stairs and look for some Tylenol, so maybe I can wake up in the morning Feeling much better.I put on my kitty slippers so I sneak down there quietly.I get down to the bottom of the stairs and see the lights on in Lucas and daxs office. Are they still awake? It's three in the morning what could they possibly be doing.I walk over to the door and peek in trying my best not to be seen. I see Lucas and daxs in suits?Again it's Three in the morning, why would they have suits on?I also see some men sitting at a Big table with them, they look scared. There are a bunch of Guns and Big clean white bag on the table.What the hell is happening.

I don't even want to know.

I walk away and head to the kitchen and look through the cabinets looking for the pill bottles. I finally found it and took two tylenol with some orange juice. I take my orange juice and go back up stairs.My head still hurts really badly but I'm so sleepy. Maybe what I saw down stairs was all a dream, Yeah that seems right.

I ended up drinking the rest of the orange up and I went right back to sleep Hoping I would feel better in the morning.

What the heck was going on down stairs.I think I might ask them in the morning.

#~#~#~#~#~# In the morning#~#~#~#~#~#

I wake up To the sun picking in though the window. I feel like I'm going to throw up. I get out of the bed and I run into the bathroom. I throw up into the toilet and I just keep puking my brains out. I hear a soft knock on the door.

" Hey hon You're okay in there " I hear Daxs say on the other side of the door. I start to puke again and I hear the door open. I feel someone push my hair out of my face and he starts to rub my back.I finally stop throwing up and I look up to see daxs with a rag and he wipes my face off from the tears and some puke on my face.

" Did you get it all out sweetpea " I just Nod Because my throat is sore.

" I think today I'm just going to stay at home and relax. does that sound Okay with you " He asks I Nod once again. He picks me up and takes me back and lays me down in the bed.

" I'm going to go get you some water stay here Okay"

" Okay "

I get under the covers and smuggle into the bed.I didn't realise how cold I was until Now. I look over and grab my phone from the charger,and look at the time. It was so early. Ugghhhhhh. I just want to sleep forever, Im sooo sleepy. Daxs knocks on the door and comes in with a sippy Cup full of what looks like water and some pill in this hands, But i know i took some last night so i can't take them now because it hasn't been eight hours.He hands me the sippy cup and tries to get me to take the pill but i say No.

" Hon you got to take the pills you will Feel better if you do. "

" Took some last night i got up in the middle of the night and had two" I say to him as i sip some water

" Honey you don't take pills without one of them giving you them you could have taken the wrong pill. You ask one of your daddy's first ''Okay?"

" Okay"

He Told me to drink the rest of the water and to try to go back to sleep. He got into the bed with me, I started to whine at him because I didn't want to get him sick too. He told me didn't care. He held and rubbed my back until I fell asleep on Him.

#~#~#~#~#~#~ A few hours later#~#~#~#~#~#~

I wake up to someone Carrying me. I look up and see its Lucas?

" Where is Daxs? " I asks As I put my face is the crock of his neck.

" He had to go get some work done. Why don't you want to spend Time with me" He say he sounds hurt. I feel really bad so I start to Hug Him harder and say "im sorry,im sorry,im sorry"He just rubs my back and laughs. We walk into the kitchen and he sets me on the little Island they had. I'm still rapt in a fuzzy blanket and some fuzzy socks on, I'm still holding captain cuddles in my arms.

" Are you hunger" He asks as he goes through the cabinets

" A little "

" You want waffles or pancakes"

" Waffles of course" I says

" Waffles it is"

He started to make me waffles and I was really Happy. I LOVE . WAFFLES, if you didn't know.

After a few a Bit the waffles are finally done. He puts his onto a white plate and puts mine on a princess plate after he cuts it up into little pieces. He takes me off of the counter and we walk to the dining room. We both sit down and eat yummy waffles.

After we got done eating we went into the living room to watch a movie. After about an hour I heard an odd noise from the kitchen.Lukas was asleep so i didn't want to wake him up. I carefully got up from the coach and went into the kitchen to investigate.

I look around until I see something,then I feel something jump on me and I land on the floor.


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