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-12 hours later -

Finally, I can have a lunch break. I head towards mina and Sarah. "Hey, how are you both doing?" I asked. "good...finishing up some charts." Mina said. "okay, well, just wanted to let you know that I will be going on my lunch. In case you need anything just page me." I said. "Okay, do you know where the cafeteria is?" Sarah said. " Um, is it down the stairs then take a left, right?" I said. Sarah nodded. "Okay, well I will get going." I said, "Have a good lunch break!" Mina said. I thanked her and headed down to the cafeteria. 

Once I arrived at the cafeteria, I ordered some noodles and steak. I waited for it to be done. When they were ready I thank them, paid for my food, and made my way outside to the patio. I walked outside and saw many nurses and doctors looking at me. They stared and whispered. I decided to sit by a doctor who was sitting on his own reading a book. I walked up to him, " Hi, My name is Doctor L/N F/N and I just moved here, May I sit here?" I said hoping he would say yes. "Of course, I don't mind. My name is Kim Namjoon," he said as he extended his hand for a shake. I shook his hand and sat down to eat. " so what kind of doctor are you?" he asked. "General surgeon, and you?" I asked. "Orthopedic surgeon," he said and I nodded. "I am assuming it is your first day, correct?" he said. "yes, it is. It would have been tomorrow but they called me in." I said. He nodded and we continued to talk for some time. 

Then someone came and sat down next to Namjoon. "Hey Joon, how's your day going?" he said. "Pretty good, not too much just working in the clinic and doing some surgeries here and there," he said. then the man turned to me. "oh, hello, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jung Hoseok. I am a cardiologist." he said and extended his hand. "I'm f/n l/n, I'm a general surgeon. I just moved here about 2 months ago." I said and shook his hand. "where did you move from?" he asked. " From (your country)" I said. "wow, that's so cool. I have always wanted to go there." he said. I smiled. Then I felt my pager going off. It was Kim Taehyung. "Sorry, I have to go now, It was nice meeting you both. See you around," I said. They said goodbye and I left to the Emergency room. 

Finally, I reached the ER and saw Kim Taehyung putting on his gown. " you paged me?" I said. "yes, hurry and put your gown on. We have four people coming in. There was a house fire but it was pretty bad. The roof fell on two firefighters. Two children, one is 13 and the other is 8. They were also impacted but differently. They have burns and are having trouble breathing. I want you to take the case of the 8-year-old." He said. I nodded and soon enough they came in. we quickly got to work. 

I brought the 8-year-old to a room. " Hey sweetie, How are you doing, what's going on?" I said. "I can't breathe and my arm hurts." she said. "alright let me take a listen and look at your arms." I took a listen and it did sound like she was having a bit of trouble breathing. I took a look at her throat to see if she had any blockage there, it was clear. I looked at her arm and saw she had a pretty bad burn mark, but it wasn't that awful that it needed surgery which is a good thing. "okay, sweetie, we will apply some treatment for your arms to help with the burns and as for your breathing, keep the mask on and we will also get a scan for your lungs to see how they are doing, okay?" she nodded her head. Her mother came in and I discussed what we were going to do and how she was doing and she nodded and sat with her daughter. I walked out to begin charting. Then a doctor came next to me. "hey, I'm Jeon Jungkook, a Pediatric surgeon. How is the child doing." he said as he charted for the other child. " Hello, The child is doing good at the moment, the burns are getting treated and she will get a scan on her lungs to make sure she doesn't have anything in her lungs. Oh, I'm F/n L/n. General surgeon." I said. he nodded and continued to chart. We talked for a bit and he asked me a lot of questions. not about the patient but about myself. After the scan came back, everything was normal and we let the parent know. However, we still had them in the hospital just in case her vitals changed. 

After I finished charting Dr. Jeon came up to me, " I would like to be friends with you, if that's okay of course" he said. "Yeah, I would like to have more friends," I said. "Great, is it okay to have your number, just in case you want someone to hang out with, talk to or just want to know more about the hospital or country." he said nervously. "yeah I don't mind. I don't really have anyone to talk to." I said and gave him my number. Once I put in my number, I was being paged by Kim Namjoon. "Hey, do you know where Doctor Kim Namjoon would be at?" I asked Jungkook. " Oh, he's in the inpatient center," he said. I thanked him and told him I had to leave. He wished me luck and I walked quickly. Why would Kim Namjoon Page me?


End of Chapter 2

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