February 5, 2015 - A to Z of Wattpad

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First we saw Twenty Questions sweep the community, and now a great many Wattpadders are challenging each other to do an A-to-Z of themselves and their Wattpad experience. After one of our team members challenged Wattpad to produce an A-to-Z of our own, we had to oblige. By the way, if haven't been tagged, we tag you to produce an A-to-Z of your own.

Without further ado, here’s the A-to-Z of all things Wattpad, enjoy! 

A is for Ambassadors: wonderful volunteers who are always there to help their Wattpad peers. They moderate clubs, and translate things too, and try out new products for Wattpad HQ. Making sure things run smoothly, they’re always there to help. If you’re ever in need just give them a yelp @Ambassadors.

B is for Brilliant Fiction across all genres. Whether you like Action, Fanfic, Fantasy, or Romance, you can find a story that fits you at a glance. Find your perfect read with the Search tool or Discover, and remember not to judge a story by its cover.

C is for our Community. It’s diverse, positive, welcoming, and fun. You’re bound to find a place on Wattpad where you feel not lost but found.

D is for Demographic. With almost 50 Million Wattpadders, there's always someone just like you here on Wattpad. With so many people, we see real friendships form and bloom all the time. It’s really humbling to see everyone having such great fun.

E is for Each and everyone who uses Wattpad. We love you Wattpadders, and we want you to know.

F is for Fanfiction. Be it Harry Potter or Harry Styles, Jelsa, Destiel, or Bellarke, we’ve got you covered. There’s a Fanfiction to fit all your tastes. Visit the @Fanfic profile, and you’ll be amazed.

G is for Grammar. While it's important, sometimes it's just good to stop worrying and get writing. Wattpad is a great place to learn and hone your writing skills, as we explain under the letter “I”.

H is for Historical Fiction. Spanning everything from ancient Greeks to Victorian England, the entire swathe of history is grist to the Wattpad writer’s mill. Action or Romance, Horror or Thriller, it's all in there.

I is for Improve Your Writing Club. It’s a club you can join to get great tips on your writing or help others to improve theirs. Whether you're interested in character development, grammar, or steering away from the creation of a Mary Sue, the Improve Your Writing Club will be discussing it somewhere: w.tt/1zRagxR.

J is for #JustWriteIt. Wattpad is all about letting your imagination soar. Don't worry about what you're going to write, just give it a go w.tt/justwriteit.

K is for King St, the Transit stop is there, the nearest to Wattpad's funky new lair.

L is for Lau, Allen Lau, one of the co-founders and CEO of Wattpad. Don’t be shy and follow him on Wattpad @allenlau.

M is for Multimedia Designers. Big kudos to the wonderfully talented community of designers here on Wattpad who make story covers, banners, trailers, and various artwork for Wattpad writers. Thanks for beautifying Wattpad!

N is for Nearly 50 Million Users. We're almost there!

O is for Orange, of which Wattpad is a wonderful shade.

P is for Poetry, of bespoke form and style, a wonderful genre, and we have a pile.

Q is for Questions. If you have any you can usually find an answer in our Support section w.tt/help or just ask the @Ambasadors.

R is for Romance. We've got a huge amount of romance on Wattpad, for all passions and persuasions. Soon we'll be celebrating the official launch of the new Wattpad Romance profile. Stay tuned! 

S is for Science Fiction, talking of space. We already have a wonderful Science Fiction profile for you to have a look at @ScienceFiction. Follow that profile for great reading lists, contests, and a How To Write SciFi guide.

T is for Tags, you can search for them by using the # in front of the tag you're looking for. So, if you fancy some Minecraft stories, type #Minecraft in Search, and you'll get results tailored to your wants.

U is for Uploads, we've just crossed the 100,000,000 mark! If we print these 100M uploads on a single line using 12-point font, the length of this line will be one million miles. That’s enough to go to the moon and come back. Twice.

V is for Voting. It's always nice to show your favourite writer some love.

W is for Wattys: the official annual contest that celebrates Wattpad stories. Follow @TheWattys profile so you never miss a Watty Awards announcement.

X is for XXXL, we’re getting bigger by the day. Hip-hip-hooray!

Y is for Yuen, Ivan Yuen, Wattpad co-founder and CPO. He reads so many Wattpad stories that it’s hard to keep up. Find Ivan on Wattpad and share your favorite read with him.

Z is for Zzzz, because we all deserve a nice lie down after hours of reading and writing epic stories.

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