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"Mom says when I get bigger aunty Freya will teach me to do magic, maybe even uncle Kol," Spoke an overjoyed Joy who sat next to her dad in his and his wife's bedroom.

"Well I think you're doing rather well yourself,"  Klaus spoke watching her face intently as she spoke to her dad her little face scrunching up ever so often.

"I can't control it, it's scary sometimes," she spoke her voice sad and Klaus smiled at her lovingly. 

"You're the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, you and your sister will be the greatest witches of all time, and watch my darling nothing will scare you," her husband spoke as she watched them together, her grin wide.

"Strong enough to keep the bad things away?" She spoke asking him intently and he pulled his eyebrows together.

"What bad thing?"

"Bad guys, monsters," she spoke and he looked at her with a smirk.

"No bad guys will ever try to hurt you," he spoke and she watched confused.

Both father and daughters played a little longer before they grew tired soo Nik put them into their beds and they fell asleep straight away.

Leah only sat in the bed waiting for her husband to come back into their room. As he walked in he saw her sat on the bed with a smirk as she watched him.

"Does that smirk mean what I think it means?" He spoke watching her carefully walking closer to her slowly.

"I don't know, what do you think it means?" She side asking him biting her lip.

"Oh you know," he spoke his face mere inches from her.

Getting annoyed she grabbed his face moving it closer to hers. Heat rose from Leah's cheeks to her chest. Klaus' lips were getting closer and her heart skipped a beat, which her husband heard causing him to smirk.  She parted her lips and wanting to feel his lips on hers, as if on command he did exactly that. Her whole body tingled, imagining his body next to hers. She felt him getting harder and harder as he kissed near her breast. He pulled her back into him claiming her mouth once again ripping off his t shirt.

"MOM SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH JOY!" Shouted a worried Hope and Hayley, Elijah, Leah and Klaus ran towards the room as quick as they could.

Walking to the room they noticed Joy on the bed thrashing in her sleep. As Leah walked closer to her daughter she grabbing her hand noticing how cold she was.

"Nik she's freezing," Spoke a worried Leah picking up her daughter and wrapping her with a blanket. "She's never ever been sick."

"This is a magic affliction," Freya spoke watching her worried.

Freya walked over to her and started chanting a few words.

"What's wrong with my daughter?" Asked a worried Klaus to his sister.

"It feels, I don't know.. cold I guess," she said watching him in panic.

Leah paced up and down the room panicking and she felt something in her pocket, pulling it out she noticed it was a note from Vincent Griffith.

"It's from Vincent Griffith, He knows what's wrong with Joy, he can cure her but we have to go back to New Orleans," spoke a worried Leah showing them the note.

Her husband only nodded as did Hayley and Elijah not wanting to leave their Niece alone. Leah only watched her husband panicked.

"Nik you can't come, you spent half a decade as Marcels prisoner, there's no way he's taking you from any of us again," she spoke shaking her head Freya agreeing.

"She's my daughter, of course Im coming!" He said arguing with his wife.

"WHAT IF IT'S A TRAP, WHAT IF HE WANTS TO KILL YOU!" Shouted an annoyed leah and he scoffed annoyed.

"Your daughter needs her father sister," Spoke a worried Elijah.

"She needs me, and I need both of you, We're family, we stick together," Klaus spoke comforting his wife and she sighed agreeing with him.

They all got into the car as fast as possible rushing towards the place they ran from not even 24 hours ago.

As they reached the gates of there home Leah picked up her daughter and Klaus got out the car and helped his wife placing her into the couch as Hayley took Hope upstairs to sleep.

"Our home, Once the pride of our family, now a flophouse, Indeed the mighty have fallen,"  Klaus spoke his voice hopeless, his wife reached for his hand as she sat on the floor and he stood over her.

"We will always be the almighty," she spoke and kissed his hand noticing how much this hurt him.

"Where's Vincent?" Asked Elijah making his way back into the compound.

"I'm right here," he spoke walking into the compound and towards Joy. "Kept my word, Now the only question is whether or not you guys are gonna keep yours as soon as I'm finished healing your kid, you got to leave the city.

"Well, we're not gonna stay, are we? Your city has lost its charm," Klaus spoke with and eye roll earning a glare from his wife.

"Nik! I'm sorry, what he means to say is that we're very grateful, just help her and we'll leave," she spoke moving out the way so Vincent could move towards Joy. 

"Nettoyer timoun sa a. Nettoyer timoun. Nettoyer timoun sa a. Nettoyer," Vincent said chanting over and over again 

"Mom, dad?" Spoke a worried Joy as she watched her panicked.

"That's it?" leah asked turning to vincent and he nodded at her.

"Your little girl's purified," he spoke smiling at her sadly. 

"Thank you, thank you so much," she spoke with a light smile.

"Now look, the only gratitude I need from any of you is seeing you leave the city," he spoke and she nodded as Joy clung to her dads

Seconds later crows began croaking and Leah looked up, noticing a crowd of them and almost hundreds appeared croaking louder and louder as they fell from the sky scattered around Joy.

"Vincent, What is this?"she spoke asking him warily rushing towards her daughter. 

"I don't know," he spoke admitting defeat he was as confused as both Leah and Klaus. 

"Mom, Dad, Can you hear that?" Joy asked turning to her parents carefully.

"Joy, Joy what is it?" She asked scared, worried about her daughter.

"It's someone whispering they're saying a name,over and over," she spoke explaining to her mom carefully    

"Mom they're saying Kre Nah Han, Kre Nah Han, over and over again," she spoke repeating what she could hear.

"Vincent, what is that?" Asked a worried Klaus watching him as he looked panicked.

"It's a nearly forgotten dialect It's Creole," he spoke and Klaus gotten more and more impatient.

"What does it mean?" He asked getting more and more impatient.

"It means the Hollow, the Hollow is coming," he spoke watching them worried, panicked almost.

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