Flown Rumours

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Eran's POV
Finally after escaping from my evil clutches I walked into my Mathematics class and was low key grateful about the fact that my teacher was late today,and not a single student was to be found. I swear to God,Mr. John,my Maths teacher bores me to hell. My exams are after six months but I still couldn't make up my mind into studying these subjects,thanks to my teacher.

Like he is bit weird,he keeps on blabbering about the specific chapter we are doing,and appoints is sums to solve,but he later solves it himself. He even has got a strong allergy regarding students who are in a relationship,makes them sit apart,tries to appoint them the hardest sums possible in this world and also complains to their parents about the most unnecessary trivial issues.

"Hi" shouted Jessica behind me,as I turned around to face her. "What's up?" I asked,as she gave off her cheeky smile. "I'm great,where's Ricky?" "I actually haven't seen him around,he must be in the Physics lab,I don't know" I replied,moving my eyes around to find someone to escape from talking to Jessica.

I'm not at all saying that I don't like Jessica,it's just that,I feel uncomfortable talking to any girl if it's not Rose,even though I never met Rose. In fact,I actually should surprise her one day,appearing in front of her in the coaching centre but I wonder what am I going to tell her.

"So how's your thing with Rose going on?" asked Jessica with her eyes stuck on her phone. "She's actually really pretty you know" she added and scrolled through her Instagram,if I'm not wrong. "Yes she is,and yes we are doing good" I replied,normally because if I added any hype to it,'it's gonna look as if I'm such a huge lover boy,which isn't my forte at all.

"So I assume,you guys are a thing now?" she asked,looking directly towards me.

Are we? What are we? Friends? Best friends?

"Umm,let's see" I replied,turning on my phone. I wonder where Rose has been,she just left me on read to the last text I sent her. Umm,maybe she's in the class or attending to her mock exams.

"Eran,I really need your help" exclaimed Nancy,Mary's best friend. When we were in a relationship,Nancy was the one who used to come up to me with the pictures of Mary's bleeded hands because of her cutting,to seek my sympathy or with some staged screenshots showing how much broken Mary is due to the fight.

"What?" I asked,being rude,as I watched Jessica's eyes turning towards her and me. "Mary is having a real bad headache and she has to go to her home but her driver is nowhere to be seem,could you give her some money .." "take" I said cutting her off as I handed hundred dollars to her.

At least she would just shut up and thankfully Mary will be out of the sight. Doesn't matter if I have to give up on my own money,her disappearance in front of my eyes is what matters to me,at the moment.

"Bro you seriously gave off the money just because .." "Heyy!" Ricky said cutting her off as she completely got diverted from the topic and hugged him tight. I quickly gave them some private time,excusing myself from the room as I ran down the stairs to grab another cup of coffee,expecting a reply from my Rose.

Rose's POV
There was another text from Eran,asking about my whereabouts which I chose to ignore,as I shoved my phone into my handbag and tried my level best into concentrating in the class. Daisy was sitting next to me as she continued to talk about her problems with the recent guy she was talking with on Facebook.

I nodded and gave weird advices to her which made no sense at her every stopage of sentence to know my reviews about it,as is she was advertising something and I was forced to give my opinions about it. The sentence which she uttered an hour back was continuesly echoing into my ears.

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