Chapter 30

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After the fight I was so exhausted. Chris dropped me off, which was very considerate of him since he was in a bunch of pain, must be a dad thing. I waved goodbye and walked up to my house. Can't wait till it's sold. I lock the door behind me just in case a stupid hunter tries to kill me. I listen to every room making sure I don't hear anybody's heartbeat other than my own.

Nobody was here, like always. I walk to the kitchen and wash my hands then splashed my face, I grabbed a hand towel and dried the drops of water. Once I had my pajamas on I went to the living room and put on Captain America: The First Avenger. I heard one of the Marvel cast is a vampire, its hard to tell though they're all beautiful. I was half way done with the movie before I got a phone call from Stefan.

I haven't spoke to him since he told me both Damon and Bonnie were alive, well they weren't dead they were apparently stuck in a prisonworld. I feel bad because Caroline turned off her humanity causing Stefan to turn his off and we've been dealing with the Benefactor, so we really didn't have time to talk. I answered the call "Heyyy big bro what's up?"

He laughed then cleared his throat "I know you've been gone for a while and that you have your own stuff going on but I have some good news. Alaric's getting married!"

He's engaged? To who?

"Wait what!? How much happened since I was gone?"

He took a deep breath "That's not important now, the question is if you're coming? It's in two days."

He probably wants someone there that wasn't there when he recently turned off his humanity, I wonder how he turned it back on. "Yeah, let me get back to you, my friends might need me." We said our goodbyes and I started packing.

Once I was done packing I head into the garage. Stefan made me get a spare car way back. I can drive but it's not my favorite activity, I just over think it. I had a black Mercedes with very dark tinted windows. I put my bags in the back seat and walk back inside. I make sure to lock everything and hide our valuables.

I get in my car and start leaving Beacon Hills. I needed to tell someone I would be gone. I call Stiles but he didn't pick up, probably sleeping, so I called Lydia.

She picked up "Lee you're one of my best friends but I need my beauty sleep, not all of us can be sixteen forever" she groggiled said.

I was on the highway now, not a lot of people which was nice. "Sorry, sorry, but I'll be gone for a while and I need you to keep me updated." 

I heard her shift then turn on a light. "Wait where are you going? We need you" she was wide awake now.

I switched lanes and was under a tunnel.

"I'm going to a wedding. I'm sorry for the short notice, well I just got told myself but I'll be back at a max of three days."

The tunnels light flashed as I zoomed through. "Okay I'll tell everyone. But can I ask a serious question?" Lydia wasn't one to ask serious questions often.

"Shoot" I said while turning down the music.

"What dress will you be wearing, because I can send you one really quick" I heard her shuffle through hangers.

I start cackling.

But Lydia didn't think it was funny "This is serious you can't just borrow someones dress and you can absolutely cannot wear white."

I gasp, and swerved a little, oops. "I'm offended that you think I would wear white, that is the biggest rule, do not wear white to a wedding. And what's wrong with borrowing? Look I gotta go if I'm gonna make it on time so, bye!"

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