The Begining

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The sun was just slowly rising when I was forced to get out of bed by the alarm that kept on blaring. I really wanted nothing more than to ignore the alarm and go back to sleep but I was not looking forward to what happens if I do that.

Being the weakest and also having nothing to offer can put you at the bottom of the food chain in any situation, but it magnifies significantly if you live in a pack where everyone or at least most have something valuable to offer.

Anything of value like your lineage or money can work and if you have both that means you don't have to worry about lifting your finger to even feed your self but if you don't have both you should at least have the strength to support the pack.

If you are like me and some of the weakest wolves then you become the person who cleans up and feeds the people that can offer something. I was fine with that since I can't fight to save my life let alone defend others, I don't have good family support or the ability to financially support the pack that helped keep me safe so I believed that was the least I can do.

That is how I use to think but I went down even further from that level of being an accepted servant and omega when my dad betrayed the pack and left me with them. And that was the beginning of my nightmares and let me just say life has not been fun after that.

Both my mom and dad were omegas and worked hard their whole life servings the Alpha and Luna. Our previous Alpha and Luna were very loving couples who had two kids called Alpha Stefan Collins and Vicki Collins. Alpha Collins became the official Alpha when he found his mate three years ago at the age of twenty-two.

Alpha Vicki was mated to one of the Alphas that just came to visit and the whole encounter that they had was so romantic or so I heard by eavesdropping on some of the omegas who were drooling while talking about him. They said he was a handsome man from a Russian pack who can make any girl's panty drop.

I wish I could have seen him. I mean there are handsome werewolves in our pack but I have seen them enough time that they are now starting to blur. I need to renew my eyes but I am not really allowed to be around guests so I am stuck with the guys from the pack. The fact that none of them is my mate doesn't help as well.

I wonder what my mate is like. I hope he is at least an omega and not a rouge or a wolf stripped of his status like me because I will gladly live with him but I don't wish for my pups to live the life I am living or the life of a rouge.

Clara who is Alpha Stefan's mate has now been our Luna for three years and she is a very kind person. If it wasn't for her begging Alpha Stefan to just let me stay with the pack even if my status as omega is stripped away, I would have been kicked out of the pack and end up becoming a meal to some crazed rouge out there or I would have been thrown in the pack prison for who knows how long and wilted until the Alpha decides to forgive me or I finally take my last breath.

I shudder when I think about any of these scenarios happening to me. Yeah, not a great way to use my imagination. I can't say that there were not days that I wished to actually run away and taken my chances at being eaten rather than staying with the pack but it is easier said than done. I can't take my chances because whatever happens, I know that they at least won't kill me, well not at this point.

I ran to the packhouse living my small hut behind which is found much closer to the borders for my comfort. It is 4:30 am and I will probably get to the packhouse at 4:55 am which gives me enough time to prepare everything that the omegas need to start on breakfast at 6:00 am.

I don't remember the last time I was able to sleep past 7:00 am. It was probably before my mom died five years ago. It was really hard for both my dad and me after her death but my dad was never the same. They say some wolves are like that if they can't accept the death of their mate.

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