Quick AN (sorry)

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Ignore this if you want. 

Next chapter will be released on The 14th of February as an attempt by me to make the story timeline go with real life.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone wanted to, you could see what I look and act like irl. My tiktok!


Copy and paste that, and it'll take you to my tiktok. I'm currently waiting for a Richie Tozier cosplay to arrive, but I do occasionally post things related to my wattpad acc. I am aware that none of you asked for one, but think of it as a face reveal?

I don't know, but I also wanted to say that I go by she/they pronouns and I am infact a massive lesbian, so if you don't support any of that please do not say anything horrible to me or others in the fanfic comments.

That's all~ Actuallyabiscuit0602

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