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A/N: Here you go, part three, hope you enjoy and part four will be posted Friday!!

I quickly walked to the main Inpatient department and saw Kim Namjoon filling some charts. "Hey, did you page me? " I asked, slightly out of breathe but not too much to make it noticeable. "Yes, I wanted to ask if you would like to take part in one of my surgeries. I will be doing a surgery in which we will hopefully fix a 12-year-olds spine. She has severe scoliosis and has had multiple surgeries done before but at many other hospitals. All of these surgeries have been the same procedure but it doesn't really help that much. I will be doing a different procedure in which she won't need to come back and will finally be able to have the spine she has always wanted. However, Just like every surgery, there are risks to the surgery. Would you like to scrub in and assist or observe?" He asked. I nodded, "yes, I would like to thank you for the offer, Dr.Kim." He smiled, "Just call me Namjoon. Now let's go inform the patient that we will soon be taking her to surgery and after please prep the O.R." he said. I nodded. Then we walked to the patient's room. After we informed the patient and the parents, we left and I went to prep the O.R.

Once the O.R .was finally prepped, I saw Namjoon walk in. I went to then scrub in along with him. "Are you ready, Y/N?" he asked. "yeah, just a bit excited and nervous," I said. He smiled and the patient was rolled in. I finished scrubbing in and went to put on the gear. I looked at the patient smiling, " Are you ready?" I asked. She smiled, "Yes, finally ill be able to walk normally." I smiled, "Alright, the doctor here will put a mask on you and you will be asleep in a couple of seconds." She nodded and soon was asleep, Namjoon then began with the procedure. He would ask me to suction some blood out or to hand him certain tools. The surgery in the end went well and we were able to fix her spin. Now, we just had a long healing process.

As the patient was moved back to her room, Namjoon walked along with me to the patient's room. "So, Y/n, First I wanted to thank you for assisting me in the surgery," he said. "Its no problem, I enjoyed learning more about your specialty," I said. He smiled and looked down, " secondly, I wanted to invite you to my friend, Kim Seokjin's birthday celebration, this Saturday, I hope you are able to join us." he said. " Yeah, I would love to, thank you," I said. "Great, can I have your number to text you the address and time." I nodded and gave him my number. He sent the text and I thanked him. I then told him that I would be going back to the ER and he nodded and thanked me. I said goodbye and walked to the ER.

At the ER, there weren't many people around. I saw Kim Taehyung talking with some patients and waited till he was done. Once he saw me, he walked over with a couple of charts. " Sorry, If I left you to do a lot I didn't mean to," I said. "It's Okay, It wasn't that bad plus your interns helped a lot." He said. I saw that they were working and stitching some patients. "How many patients are here?" I asked. " about ten." he said. " ill take them, you can take a break." I said. "no, no, it's okay i-" " no, please take a break, you look like you need it." he smiled and sat down and ate something from the cart. I saw my interns walk over and I stopped them, " You guys can go now, I'll handle this, If an emergency pops up I will page you." I said. They thanked me and said good night. Then they walked out.

I went patient to patient helping their pain or seeing what was wrong. I was on the eighth patient and sat down to stitch her arm. she was a toddler but she was calm and looked tired. I talked with her and we talked about a lot of things. I liked working with kids. They always make me laugh and are kind. I smiled and continued to stitch her arm.

End of Y/N's Pov

Taehyungs POV:

I watched her as she stitched the patient's arm. She smiled and my heart fluttered. no-i- I can't think that. I barely know her. Even though we worked so long together, there wasn't much time to get along and talk to each other. plus I feel like I'm being a bit harsh to her. I want to get to know her, I just need to be nicer. She looked over and smiled at me I smiled and looked down, my face was a bit pink. I might be catching feelings for her. But I can't.

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