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"Mommy, wake up!" Spoke an excited Joy as she attempted to wake up her mother.

"Hey darling, what's up?" She asked with a light yawn noticing her husband wasn't asleep on the bed.

"Can we go to the playground?" She asked and her mom chuckled.

"I take it you feel better," her mother spoke and the six year old nodded with a smile.

"Let me get dressed and I'll take you, did you ask Hope if she wanted to come?" Asked Leah and the little girl looked at her hands.

"Hope's with dad," she spoke and Leah sighed walking into her walk in bathroom, beginning to brush her teeth.

After a few moment Leah was dressed and checked her phone noticing the time was ten fifteen. Her daughter was dressed and dressed rather well, she knew how much Joy loved to pick out and wear her own outfits. 

"Mom can we go now?" Asked the impatient six year old and leah only nodded at her with a little smile taking her hand in hers.

As they made there way downstairs they noticed Hope and Klaus sat on the dining table with a giant pile of beignets and apple turnovers on the table as they ate and laughed. Joy watched her dad her face falling as she noticed he was playing with Hope.

"Good morning my love, morning Joy," Klaus spoke, practically dismissing the two paying attention to a grinning Hope.

"Hope darling, your sister and I are going to the playground if you'd like to come," Leah spoke and Hope watched them and shrugged.

"Okay, I'll see you later aunty Leah," she spoke and Elijah made his way downs.

Leah watched Joy as she watched Hope and Klaus laugh whilst they ate their beignets almost crying. As Elijah saw a little Joy hold her mother hand squeezing it tight he watched confused as to why she wasn't also eating with her father.

"Sister, would you like if I came?" He spoke walking towards them and she looked at Joy who nodded shyly.

"Of course," she said with a grin and the three of them where out the compound and onto the streets of New Orleans.

"Mommy, can we eat first?" She asked tugging at her moms hand and her mom only grinned at her.

"What would you like?" Asked Elijah as he watched his niece a small dancing on his face.

"Can I have what hope was having with dad?" She spoke and Elijah watched as Leah nodded.

"Joy darling, why didn't you eat with your father and sister?" Elijah spoke asking the small six year old and she looked at him innocently.

"Dad said only Hope, they said it was daddy daughter day," spoke the six year old watching her uncle.

Elijah only looked at Leah who looked heartbroken at her daughter's response. Joy looked at her uncle her face waiting for them to answer if she could or couldn't get some beignets. As he watched her he smiled sadly and nodded. He couldn't help but feel torn for the small girl clutching her mother's hand.

"This was actually my favourite shop when I had you in my stomach," said Leah and her daughter watched her with horror on her face.

"You ate me?" The six year old spoke asking her mother earning a laugh from both Leah and Elijah.

"Oh Joy, let's get you something to eat," Leah spoke ordering her daughter a bag of beignets and a bottle of OJ.

After eating as much as she could, they made there way to the playground where Leah and Elijah sat on a bench watching Joy play.

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