Chapter 20- healing & new years

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"Ginny dear, get your brother George. He needs to help me carry this sack of flour", said Molly.

Ginny nodded and carefully set down the knife in hand. She grabbed the hand towel that hung over her shoulder and ran over to the sitting room.

"George, mum needs your help", says Ginny walking into the living room.

George looked up from arguing with Ron, "With what?"

Ginny tossed the hand towel back over her shoulder, "To carry a sack of flour"

Ron smacked his lips, "Oh I can do that no problem, why didn't she ask me?"

Hermione giggled from the far corner.

"Because I'm stronger than you, obviously", smirked George.

Harry chuckled and patted Ron on the shoulder, "It's alright mate"

George stood up and walked with Ginny back into the kitchen with a cocky grin etched on his face while Ron and Harry were beginning to wrestle on the floor.

As George walked into the warm smelling kitchen and leaned against the wall, a loud crack of lightning could be heard from outside.

"The storm just keeps getting worse and worse out there. I hope those two come in soon. It was so silly of me to make dear Emberlynn go out there in the pouring down rain", said Molly rinsing off dishes.

George wrinkled his eyebrows, "They've been out there this entire time?"

Ginny nodded, "Ember went out there almost as soon as the storm began"

George threw his hands up in the air, "They're going to get bloody pneumonia if they stay out there! Have you at least checked on them?"

"Mum says that's their business and we shouldn't interfere", said Ginny rolling her eyes.

Molly gave a warm smile, "That's exactly what I said Ginny, finally someone is listening to their mother!", she said happily.

George smiles sarcastically and pats his hands on his thighs, "Alright Mum, what did you need help with again?"

"Oh, right! There is a big sack of flour just outside the house that I need. It's a bit heavy, so be careful", said Molly waving her hand towards the door.

George walked over and turned the knob to open up the door. As soon as the wooden door swung open, the loud sounds of the rain hitting the earth, the cracks of lightning and the booms of thunder is heard immediately. He looked around his feet for the big sack of flour and notices it almost instantly.

Several large brown bags laid against the house in a neat fashion. He took a few steps out the door towards the bags and wrapped his hands around one and lifted it up into his arms. Dusty white particles that obviously had to be flour began to waft up into the air around him and fly into his eyes.

"Ewhh! Bleh!", said George shaking his head and blinking rapidly due to the flour on his face.

Ginny poked her head out the door with a look of concern.

"What?", he asked annoyed.

Ginny scrunched her nose, "Why were you making those weird noises?"

George adjusted the bag in his arms which caused more dusts of flour to fly up on his upper body, "That's why"

Ginny giggled, "What a git"

George scowled at her before a crack could be heard not far from the house.

Ginny and George both shot their heads around to where the noise came from but didn't see anything except the falling rain hitting the ground.

Ginny turned her gaze back to George, "Just a struck of lightning close by"

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