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Freya sat up suddenly.
"There may be something I can do." Elijah put his drink down on the glass table infront of him and sat down next to his sister.
"What is it?" Rebekah and Kol were looking at her aswell.
"Mother said you can't find someone who doesn't want to be found, right?" Freya asked, standing up and walking towards the table she often does spells at.
"Right...?" Rebekah said, her eyes following her sister. They still didn't understand what she meant. Freya had picked up a jar of some weird black dust and started making shapes on the table with it.
"Yet she said to cut her some slack because shes been alone for so long."
"And after that she said shes probably looking for some sort of family." Freya put down the jar and turned around to look at her siblings.
"Dont you get it? She doesn't want to be found, she wants to find us." Rebekah, Kol and Elijah looked at each other in realisation.
"So what can you do?" Elijah asked while he stood up and walked over to the table Freya was leaning against. Rebekah and Kol got up too and the 4 siblings faced the table, looking at the shapes Freya has just made.
"Well, shes probably been looking for a while so shes got to be close. I need all of our blood, including Klaus. They share both parents so he'll be the strongest connection."
"I know where I can get some." Rebekah said, leaving the room. Freya then picked up a knife and made a small slit in her hand as she quietly gasped from the pain. Her blood dribbling into a small bowl. She handed the knife to Elijah and then Kol and they did the same except painlessly. Freya then walked over to a shelf decorated of jars and pots full of weird, magical substances. She grabbed a glass jar which contained a strange liquid, green in colour. Rebekah returned, with a vile of Klaus' blood. She placed it on the table and put some of her own blood in the bowl. Freya opened the jar and poured all of the green liquid into the bowl full of the siblings' blood. The jar was empty. She placed the bowl in the centre of a circle she had created in the middle of the table and held her hands out to Rebekah and Elijah who were standing on either of her. They took her hands and finished the circle by taking Kols hands too. Freya closed her eyes and started chanting words from a foreign language. The three vampires stared feeling faint and their eyes shut too. Flashes of bright light came to the sibling minds. Nothing was clear. Suddenly, the spell stopped and everything went black. They all opened their eyes and Klaus was standing there, almost tears in his eyes from anger. The bowl had been knocked off of the table and the blood spilled over the floor.
"What did I say about leaving it?" He shouted. Elijah was fed up.
"Niklaus, you're not the boss here. You might not want to find your sister but we do." He replied. He wasn't gonna let his brother win this one. Klaus stared at him.
"You always think you're in control, Nik. Why can't you let us do this thing for us for once?" Rebekah asked.
"Fine. Do your stupid spell. Just know that when you find this so called sister, I want nothing to do with her." He stormed off, leaving the rest of the Mikaelsons in quiet.
"Can you restart the spell Freya?" Kol asked, finally breaking the silence.
"I dont need to." She said. She turned round to look at them. "I know where she is."

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