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  Hyver Hill, United Kingdom.

  I got out the car and looked up at the huge mansion in front of me. I am gonna be staying here for the next 6 weeks. This house is huge and so pretty.

  "Ready?" Jaxon asked as he come up to my side.

  "Yup." I smiled and me, him, and my dad all walked into the house. We were greeted by a producer, he was the same producer that drove us to the hospital for Louis's foot.

"Hi, welcome!" He smiled and we walked in the house. The first thing I noticed was the people. There was contestants, parents, and producers everywhere. The house has a big staircase right in the front which led to the upstairs.

  "So it's all a mess now, but go upstairs and there's a sign on the door for one direction. Just go in there and make yourself home." He said then walked off.

  "Alrighty, let's go see your room, J." Jaxon said excitedly then ran up the steps. I laughed and went up the steps too. About three doors down there was the door that had "1Direction" written on. We walked in the room and there was Liam and Niall unpacking as well as there parents.

  "Hey!" Niall said as he jumped off his bed and ran to hug me. Liam also got up and gave me a hug as well. The room had three sets of bunk beds, a clothing rack, a shelf, and a door which led to the bathroom.

"So where am I sleeping?" I asked.

  "I call sleeping on the top." Harry said as he walked in the room. I turned around and gave him a hug and so did the Liam and Niall. Anne was standing there as well so I went and gave her a hug.

  "Alright, I want to sleep on the top bunk too." I stated then threw my suitcase on top of the bunk bed and then climbed up. I laid down and shut my eyes, the bed was pretty comfortable. "Yeah, I like this bed." I said but I opened my eyes to Harry climbing up on my bed.

  He laid down next to me then said, "I like this bed better than the other one. Go sleep on the other one."

  "I like this one better and plus I was here first." I protested, then Harry just started giving me the death stare which I returned. Then he stuck out his tongue and I did back and then we both started to laugh.

  "You guys are children." Liam laughed.

  "Fine, you can have the bed." Harry sighed then climbed back down. I looked and saw my dad talking to Liams dad, they looked like they could be good friends. I looked down at Liam and he looked up at me then we both looked at our dads and then looked back at each other, giving a look then started to laugh.

  Jaxon was talking to Niall on the bottom bunk of of the bunk bed I was on. I think they are talking about football. Louis showed up and walked into the room with his mom behind him. I jumped down off the top bunk and gave him a hug and so did the others.

  "I call top!" He shouted as he jumped up on the top bunk of Liam's. "Oh, look there's Zain!" I turned my head and saw Zain walking in the room as well with his mom following. Me and the boys gave him a hug.

  "You're the last one here so you get the last bed." I said, pointing to the bottom bunk under Harry.

  "What's up with dad and Liams dad?" Jaxon whispered to me as we both stood there looking at them, confused. My dad doesn't really have friends. He hasn't dated, made friends, anything since my mom died, so it's kinda all new for us.

  "I have no idea. I don't know whether to be scared or happy for him." I whispered back.

  "Me either." Jaxon whispered back.

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