Chapter 21- a familiar face

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A.N// hey beautiful babes just a quick heads up that this chapter will have some sexual activity. And you might want to keep in mind that for the rest of the book there will probably be sexual content<3


An expression that was mixed with rage and determination was etched onto Ember's face as she strolled over to Fred and Katie who happened to still be intertwined with one another.

George caught ahold of her wrist and pulled her back, "Emberlynn, don't do this"

Ember turned to look at George, "Why?", she asked snappishly.

Hermione caught up to them and started to catch her breath, "Em don't. It'll make things worse between you two and it'll cause trouble for everyone here"

Ginny stood next to George with her arms crossed.

"And what do you think Ginny?", asked Ember.

Ginny smirked, "What do I think you ask?"

George rolled his eyes, "Out of all of us you chose to ask Ginny in this situation?!"

Ember stared towards Ginny waiting for her opinion and response.

Ginny tapped her finger on her chin sarcastically, "Mmmmm . . . I say beat the living shit out of her"

Ember grinned and ripped her wrist out of George's grasp and swung back around to continue storming over to Katie and Fred.

Just as soon as Ember was a few feet away from the pair making out, a figure stepped in front of her, blocking her path.

Ember was too distracted to even notice the person in front of her. Her concentration laid on the couple behind the figure, kissing passionately. That was the way he used to kiss her. It hurt to see him kiss someone else like that. It really hurt.

"Ember?", asked the figure in front of her concernedly.

Ember began to snap out of her trance but before she could, Fred stopped kissing Katie.

He had heard Ember's name come out of someone's mouth and immediately stopped everything he was doing.

Fred turned his head towards Ember's direction and made direct eye contact with her.

Ember's breathing seemed to stop. Time seemed to halt. Everything seemed to freeze around her. The loud and bright fireworks in the sky seemed to be frozen in the air like they'd been drawn by the gods. All the laughing and talking that could be heard through out the yard was now, if nothing, faint mumbles.

Their eyes connected for what seemed like eternity. It seemed as though looking into one another's eyes was deep pleasure when deep down, it was painful.

Ember could see the pain and agony shown in his big glistening brown eyes. And Fred could see the stinging feeling of tears surfacing towards her tear ducts as she stared at him.

Katie lifted her hand up to Fred's face and brushed her thumb across his cheek bringing him back to reality. Fred then broke off the eye contact and looked back down to Katie.

Instantly, Ember could hear sound again and could see movement. It took all of her control to rip her eyes off of Fred and to look at the figure before her.

Ember turned her gaze to a black haired boy in front of her with a small grin on his face.


"Hey Blackwood", said Apollo with ease.

Ginny shook her head and whispered to Hermione, "Looks like his nose isn't broken anymore"

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