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The mother daughter duo, had been living in Miami for a decade. Neither of them heard from Klaus even as much as Leah wanted to hear his voice. Whenever Joy would call he wouldn't pick up. Leah grew more and more torn as the years flew past. Some days she missed him and so did Joy, yet the seventeen year old knew her father hadn't loved her. As much as her mother would reassure her that he did, she always remembered how he spoke to her mother that dreadful night where her father admitted he wouldn't care for her. However, the young girl kept in touch with Rebekah, Marcel, Davina and Kol. Neither Freya nor Elijah attempted to reach out and talk to the young girl and it broke her heart. Instead of Freya teaching her magic Kol or Davina normally would teach her, through FaceTime, resulting in a large amount of broken phones.

"Joy darling, don't you want to go out?" Her mother spoke and she shook her head.

"No I'm going to the pool."

Leah noticed how much her daughter changed throughout the years. She refused to love anyone other than her mother, believing that if her father couldn't love her no one could.

Instead of arguing with her daughter she sighed with a sad smile. As she sat in the kitchen eating her breakfast she noticed her phone ring. Picking up her phone to see who it was and a small smile crossed her face. Her screen flashed with Marcels name and she grinned answering. Yet when she answered it was not her sons voice she heard.

"Hello love," he spoke his voice soft and tender and she listened in shock.

"Who is this?" She said not sure if she could hear correctly.

"Ouch, has it really been that long?" Her husbands voice spoke and she sighed.

"Niklaus," her voice spoke gently and above a whisper.

"MOM I CAN'T FIND MY BATHING SUIT AND BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING I'VE TRIED A LOCATOR SPELL!" Shouted Joy annoyed into the intercom and her father smiled into the phone.

"I know that sounds all too well, try telling her to find another," he spoke and she nodded.

"Hold on," Her mother's voice spoke back softly as she pressed the intercom button. "Darling you can take one of mine."

"Why am I talking to you right now?" She spoke brushing out of her haze.

"Because I've missed you," he spoke his voice admittedly.

"After eleven years? Niklaus I do not want-"

"I know and I'm sorry but Hope needed me," he said his voice soft and she sighed.

"So did Joy."

"I know and I'm awfully sorry, I couldn't face you or Joy after the things I said to her."

"Mom what's wrong?" A worried Joy spoke as she stood in front of her mother. "Who are you talking to?"

"It's.. it's your father," her mother spoke her voice shaky and her daughter watched in shock.

"Dad's on the phone?" She spoke her voice amazed and her mother nodded.

"Can I speak to her?" He asked his voice barely above a whisper as he heard his daughter. 

"He would like to speak to you." her mother said moving the phone from her ear and towards her daughter who looked at the phone in disbelief.

"Tell him to rot," and with that she was out the room and back to her bedroom.


"She hates me, does she not?"

"Klaus I must go," she spoke her voice quiet.

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