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"Hey what's wrong?" Leah spoke noticing her daughter sat alone in their backyard in front of the pool the ends of her jeans wet.

She only watched her mom unable to speak knowing her mother wouldn't understand so she shrugged with a smile.

"You can tell me, I'm not that old that you have to hide stuff," she spoke nudging her daughter as she sat cross legged next to her, a glass of whine in her hands.

"I don't.. I feel like I'm apart of the perfect family, who'd all die for that stupid vow."


"I don't expect you to understand."

"Hey, I'm listening and I'll always be listening so tell me, what's wrong?" Her mother said holding her daughters hand in hers.

"Mom Why are they here, it's like everywhere I turn Dad and Hope are stood there and I'm so jealous, I'm so jealous mom because I want what they have I've wanted it since I was six," she spoke her tears freely falling from her face. "I wanted Hope to be my sister and I needed him to be my father, I needed him to be my dad mom."

"Joy, it's okay love let it out," her mother said as she held her as she cried.

"They laugh, they have fun, he loves her so much, why didn't he love me when I was younger he could have faked it, and Hope she's my sister mom I just-" instead of finishing her sentence she flew out with sobs and her mother hadn't known what to say that could make her feel better. "They have everything and I have, I have nothing."

"Leah, Joy?" Davina's soft voice spoke as she entered the back yard watching the little girl she watched grow cry. "What's wrong Joy?"

"Nothing, I'm fine," she spoke wiping her eyes and faking a smile.

"Joy!" Her mother spoke calling out to her but she rushed into the east wing avoiding everyone stood in the kitchen area.

"Leah, is she okay?" Asked a worried Davina.

"No, I don't think she is and I don't know what to do or say to make her feel better," Leah spoke tears falling from her face Davina only hugged Leah comforting her.

Wiping her face and putting on a smile she walked back into the kitchen with Davina and everyone watched her worried.

"Where is Joy?" Marcel spoke and a Leah cleared her throat.

"She's not feeling good," she said with a small distant smile.

"Aunt can I please talk to you?" Hope asked walking to her and she nodded as they walked into the living room.

"I'm sorry," she spoke the second they entered the room and Leah watched the young girl confused.

"Darling you haven't done anything wrong."

"It's my fault Joy isn't happy, I wasn't the sister she needed me to be... I took her dad away from her," she spoke her eyes watery and leah only smiled kindly at the girl.

"You did not take her father away Hope, that was not your fault."

"She hates me, and I love her she's my sister I want to be there for her I want to talk to her," she spoke the pain evident in her voice.

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