~Chapter 3~

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When Marinette had spotted her best friend and the rest of her class, she headed towards them, with still, a small smile displayed on her face.

She didn't know it herself yet, but she in fact had feelings for the one and only Chat Noir. His flirty, carefree, and cheerful personality always made her happy. Although she was worried about him, he still was able to make her feel giddy. 

Not that she would ever admit that anyway, even if she knew... She already was head over heels for another blonde, and she wouldn't just forget him... For a long time anyway...

Alya walked towards her, throwing her arms around her. "Hi, girl... Are you okay?" She searched her face, looking for any traces of sadness she was trying to hide. 

Marinette nodded in response. "Of course. We have to keep faith. That is what Adrien would have wanted us to do." She said confidently. 

Alya's mouth tugged up in a smile, and pride flashed on her face. Marinette didn't let the circumstances get the best of her: she remained calm and positive. She was becoming an adult so fast...

Not that that was unusual for someone who was 17 years old...

"Yeah, you're right", Alya responded a few seconds later, "we have to stay strong and have hope."

They quickly pulled each other in a hug again, for moral support, and then followed the rest of the class who had already continued searching for their classmate. 

Marinette knew for a fact that Adrien had run away, but she couldn't say that, without them asking how she knew. She had to support her friends and the other citizens who cared for the blonde and were now looking for him. 

Of course, it was useless. He had wanted to run away and no one knew where he was, and she was sure that they wouldn't find him. Maybe she would never even see him again...

❥ ❥ ❥

She returned home just on time for dinner. Her class and the rest of Paris called it a night and had all headed home. He still wasn't found...

The authorities were also busy trying to find the famous model, but also to no avail. It was hopeless, and Marinette was the only one who knew that. He didn't want to be found. 

Her mother had headed home one hour before Marinette and her dad did, so she could start preparing dinner. Marinette was so grateful for that, she was starving. She hadn't eaten since early in the morning, and that was only an apple. She hadn't even thought of eating until now, with everything that was going on...

They sat at the table and immediately dug in after thanking Sabine for cooking the food. Marinette savored the flavor of the spaghetti and enjoyed the home-cooked meal.

They talked during dinner about anything but Adrien. Her parents knew that it was a tough subject, and didn't want to upset their daughter. 

After dinner, Marinette volunteered to do the dishes, and her mother said she would help her. Her daughter and husband scolded her for doing too much, but her mother was just as stubborn as her daughter and wouldn't change her mind.  

Marinette and her father looked at each other and shrugged. It was pointless.

She grabbed the dirty plates from the table and put them on the countertop. She did this with all of the things on the table, while her mother was getting the water to the right temperature and putting the soap in. 

Her mother then washed the dishes and Marinette dried them. 

It was silent and the bluenette decided that the time was right. She was going to tell her. And this way, she also would have an explanation for the missing leftovers spaghetti. 

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