~Chapter 4~

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After patrolling, they met each other at the Eiffel Tower once again. Ladybug playfully booped Chat's nose, before he could even greet her with his ridiculous nicknames, and then grabbed his hand pulling him with her of the building.

She then let go of his hand and raced him to the first well she could find. The red heroin won: she had a huge headstart because Cat Noir was still flustered by her previous actions.

They then headed to their usual place in the sewer. The wall allowed them to not see each other, but still be able to talk.

She went to the left side and her partner to the right, and they called off their transformations.

Tikki immediately flew through the wall and grabbed Plagg's hand. Plagg excitedly followed her, and they disappeared from each of their owners' sight.

"Chat..." Marinette quietly said, but loud enough for Adrien to hear.


"I hate seeing you this way... It's clear to see that you're not okay. Please... just talk to me. It doesn't have to be about your problem, but just... Talk. I miss my silly kitty."

She heard him chuckle. "Thanks for the silly part. I'll let you know that I'm one of the smartest kids in my class."

"Well, then the pupils in your class certainly aren't the smartest." She retorted teasingly.

He scoffed. "You are too quick to judge, bugaboo. Just because you are Ladybug, and I'm your sidekick, doesn't make me dumb."

She gasped. "You aren't my sidekick, Cat! I have told you that millions of times already. I hope you were joking about that, if not, then yes, you are dumb. You are so much more than just a sidekick. You are my partner." She scolded him.

A smile formed on her silly kitty's face. "Thank you, M'lady. That means a lot. And don't worry, I was just pranking you." He assured her.

The bluenette wasn't convinced in the slightest. She hated how he always thought so low of himself. She just wanted to jump in his brain and make him actually believe her words, because they were so true.

"I sure hope so..." She finally said.

"So...", the blonde said, wanting to change the subject desperately, "how is the search for Adrien going?"

She sighed. "Not well, obviously. He has run away, Chat. He doesn't want to be found, and I'm the only one who knows that... Every single person is worrying themselves sick and spends almost the whole day looking for him, and I can't tell them that it is no use. And it hurts..."

Her best friend stayed silent for a moment. "Yeah... That's though. But isn't your fault. You can't tell them because of your secret identity, and if they knew that, they would understand. Trust me."

She smiled. "Thanks." She then ran her fingers through her hair, which was now loose and not in her usual pigtails. "I'm worried about him... I hope he's okay... I just wish he would let us know that he's unharmed and safe..."

Adrien stood up and put his hand against the wall. "I'm sure he's fine m'lady, trust me."

His lady, who heard him stand up, and knew what he was doing, also placed her hands against the brick wall. "Thanks for always being there for me, Kitty. It means a lot."

He softly smiled. "Always, lovebug. You and me against the world."

"You and me against the world, Banananoir." She said back, throwing a horrible nickname back at him.

"Stay PG." He playfully said back to which ladybug burst out laughing.

They were then interrupted by their kwamies who flew back towards them. Marinette looked expectantly at her kwami, awaiting the answer she had been wanting desperately.

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