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As night quickly approached leah was sat on her bed. The evening way a long one, another long one as it was every night. This night particularly sent her to her room rather early. Klaus attempted once again to get into her bed which she obviously hadn't wanted.

As she sat on her bed her feet dangling from the floor her breathing hard as she called herself down. Although as she called herself she heard a knock on her bedroom door. Opening the door She grew impatient at the man stood in front of her.

"What is it Niklaus?" She spoke sighing and he smiled at her foolishly.

"I made you something," he spoke moving a rather large painting from beside him as she moved him walking into her room.

"Niklaus, I assure you I do not need-"

"Look at it," he said and she only looked confused and moved the sheet from over it.

Inspecting it closely she noticed the painting a small gasp leaving her mouth. Her hand gently brushed the top of the painting and her husband smiled.

"Do you remember?" He spoke and she nodded watching the painting lovingly.

"182o," she spoke and he watched her with a smile.

"It was the year when we where living in the governors home," he said earning a nod from her.

"I remember, it was the day of Emil's funeral, the day we met Marcellus," she spoke and he nodded with a small smile.

"You watched so lovingly as he would play in the yard after you'd fed him, and then you watched him from the window worried."

"That is one of my favourite moments."

"I watched as you looked out the window a beautiful smile on your face, as you adored the young boy play in our compound."

"How do you.."

"How do I have this? Well my love that image of your happiness would never leave my mind, I've worked on it for months after you left."

"It is beautiful," she spoke watching him happiness in her eyes.

"It is only beautiful because you are beautiful," he said his hand under her chin leaning in to kiss her. 

Instead of kissing him she took a deep breath and shook her head, causing him to pull away.

"I told you Niklaus, I will not forgive you, until Joy does," she spoke and he nodded with a small smile.

"I will respect your wish, but I love you my darling," he spoke his voice tender and full of emotion, Leah hadn't seen him like this in a long time.

"I know Nik, I do too," she spoke as she wrapped her arms around his chest, his heart beating much faster.

"I made one for Joy," he spoke and she smiled At him.

"I wouldn't give it to her as of now-"

"Yes I know dear she might just tear it apart," he spoke his voice dull his words holding sadness.

"She will forgive you, although she can hold grudge," she said to him and he nodded.

He stood next to her as she watched the painting once again, taking his large hand into her smaller hand she didn't move straight away. Smiling at her a look showing her he was in love with her. Seconds later she moved her hand out from his, and he watched her his gaze sad.

Joy stood outside her mothers door watching her mother and father. She hated the fact that her mother wouldn't talk to him unless she would. As much as she hated him she knew how much her mother loved him. Clearing her throat the two turned to face her.

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