Chapter Twenty

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__Author's POV__

"Who is Mianmian?!" Zhan asked lying down  on the bed comfortably.

After their marriage Wang Family, send both Zhan and Yibo to a luxurious hotel for their first night in Beijing from Chongqing. And this is Zhan's first question to Yibo when, they entered their room in hotel.

"What?!" Yibo asked in confusion.

"I asked, who is Mianmian?!" Zhan asked again.

"She is my colleague in university." Yibo answered.

"Oh just colleague?" Zhan asked raising his eyebrows.

"What else? She is just colleague, who loves sticking around." Yibo said with a cold face and sat on the bed.

"Oh.. Sticky? Just with you or with everyone??!" Zhan asked again.

"What? Why you are interrogating me?" Yibo asked

"Answer me first." Zhan said getting up from the bed.

"I don't know. How may I know?" Yibo said with a irritated face.

"Ohh. Now, I understand." Zhan mumbled himself.

"Why you are asking me all of this all off sudden?!" Yibo asked.

"She congratulate me. Saying, she is your colleague. So, I'm just curious. Nothing else." Zhan replied smiling.

"Ohhh. Whatever. I'm going for shower." Yibo said and walk to the bathroom.

"Life life.. I was thinking, it will be so boring after marriage but, it seems I found my fun." Zhan said and smiled devilishly.


After priest announced Yibo and Zhan husband and husband. Everyone came to congratulate them, Mianmian also came to congratulate Zhan, after congratulating she hugged Zhan and said,

"How come a guy, marry my Yibo."

Hearing that, Zhan's facial expressions changed. He broke the hug and asked,

"What did you said?!"

"You didn't hear me? Oh God, are you a deaf?" Mianmian said with a fake shocking expression, which turned into a evil smirk.

"Your Yibo?!" Zhan asked in shock.

"Yes." Mianmian replied.

"Can you come with me, I want to know more." Zhan said.

"Of course. I also want to tell you. So, after you." Mianmian said smiling.

"Dad, I have a call. I'm coming." Zhan said and went to the dressing room. Mianmian also followed him.

When Mianmian entered the room, Zhan closed the door behind her.

"It seems, you are very excited to hear everything." Mianmian said.

"Yeah, kinda." Zhan said and walk close to her.

"Now say, what you were saying?!" Zhan asked putting his one hand into pocket.

"I was saying. He is mine. I'm not just his colleague also his girlfriend. We did that many times, you know." Mianmian said and sat down on the chair.

"So, you are his girlfriend? Huh?! Can you please, get up from sitting?" Zhan said with a poker face.

"Why? Wanna sit?" Mianmian asked still sitting down in the chair.

"Get up." Zhan said again.

Now, Mianmian got up from the chair.

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