Chapter 8 - Calm Down Marinette

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"Dick, when we get home I want every piece of information on Marinette" Bruce told his son and he nodded

Okay y'all are probably wondering what happened, why don't we back up a bit?


After Bruce made his presence known, the employees gulped, some scrambling off to do their work, and others feeling sorry for the fate of the two girls

"What's going on here?" He asked, directing the question at Dick who walked up to him, fists still clenched

"Those two need to be banned from W.E" he told him, pointing at Lila and Alya

"W-What?! Banned?! You can't do that!" Lila protested

"Yes I can. I didn't introduce myself fully earlier. My name is Richard Grayson Wayne and this is my father Bruce Wayne" he said and Lila almost fainted

"What happened?" Bruce asked again

"Those two are bullies and the other is also a liar. They accidently spilled hot coffee all over their class president, and apparently, this isn't the only thing she has done. She's a big liar" he told them and Bruce's glare darkened, shaking the two girls.

Lila decided it was a good time to bring on the "I'm a pathological liar so I don't have control over what I'm saying" act. She collapsed to the floor and burst into tears

"I'm really sorry if I offended you. I'm a pathological liar so I don't have control over some things I say" she cried as Alya comforted her. The MPS and the teacher, who knew anything she did here would be used against her back in school, groaned and face-palmed

"Yeah right. Hell you don't even know what a pathological liar is" Alix spat out

"Okay where is the class president?" Bruce asked

At that moment Luka's phone rang, showing Chloe's name

"Hello Queenie?"

"No time for chi-chat snake-boi. I need you and Gami right here right now!" she spoke, her voice screaming distress

"What's going on?" Kagami asked after putting the phone on speaker

"Gami, I want you and Luka to come here right now. Mari-bug's having another panic attack and I can't snap her out of it!" she said and they heard Mari's heavy breathing with her murmurs

"What?! Where are you?" Alix asked

"In front of the girls' bathroom. Alix stay there and knock some sense into those ridiculous knuckleheads. Luka I want you, your guitar and Gami here now!"

"Got it" he said and cut the call

Kagami sheathed her katana as Luka got his guitar

"Alix, stay here and answer anything they need. But they don't need too much information, got it" Kagami told her and she nodded. Then the two left after glaring at Lila and Alya

Mari's POV

After Mr. Wayne arrived, I quietly left to the bathroom with Chloe behind me. She helped me get all the coffee out of my hair and rinsed what she could from my body. Tikki, Plagg and Pollen came out so I could get my change of clothes from my bag.

I came out from one of the stalls wearing blue jean overalls with a pink shirt underneath. Since my hair had grown longer, Chloe just helped me style it into a high ponytail and I put on my pink converse. She came out from the restroom and the halls were empty. I couldn't take it anymore and I slid down and started to sob

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