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"So you have a boyfriend?" Klaus' voice spoke and Leah cleared her throat awkwardly.

"Yes, his name is Sebastian, he's a vampire," Leah spoke and Klaus looked furious.

"You turned him?" He said accusingly and his wife rolled her eyes.

"No, he turned in 1681," Leah spoke feeling slightly uncomfortable.

"Oh," Klaus spoke feeling rather awkward as everyone sat at the table to eat.

Everyone sat quietly not wanting to speak knowing Niklaus would get angry.

"Did you have sex with him?" Klaus spoke blurting his words out with the whole family on the table.

Kol screeched with laughter and Rebekah looked uncomfortable along with Freya Elijah and Davina. Both Hope and Joy looked disgusted as Hayley choked on her water.

"Can we, can we talk about this in private later?" Leah spoke uncomfortable and he shook his head.

"No I need to know," he spoke and she sighed with an eye roll.

"Let's go talk, now then," she said and he nodded forcefully tucking in his chair and walked following his wife to the front yard.

"Why are we out here?" He asked and she looked at him as if he was stupid.

"Supernatural hearing," she spoke obviously and he nodded.

"Did you sleep with him?" Klaus spoke asking the question once again and she sighed. "You did, didn't you?" His voice sounded so broken when he watched her.

"I didn't sleep with him," she said her voice low and he watched her confused.

"But you've been with him since-"

"I was friends with him, the relationship part is new," she spoke and he sighed in relief with a swift nod.

"Why didn't you sleep with him?" He asked curiously and she sighed and shrugged. "You're beautiful, you're funny and smart and god you're so special, there no way a number of men haven't sat at your feet, so why didn't you sleep with him?"

"I couldn't do it, everything we almost did I felt guilty," she spoke and he nodded.

"I mean it's not like you have a husband or anything right?," he said sarcastically.

"A husband, who's cheated on me more times than I can count on both hands, a husband who dare I remind you almost killed me once and treated me and our daughter like Shit," she spoke rolling her eyes rolling and her face angry.

"That's why I'm here, to fix everything, that happened between us and our daughter, and I'm here and my wife is in love with another man and my daughter loves the guy too," he said and she scoffed.

"Maybe if you tried to be a good husband or a good dad I wouldn't feel as if I needed someone else."

"You can't blame me for you feeling something for someone else-"

"Nik all I know is that he's kind, loving and he treats both me and Joy so amazingly and there's nothing more I've ever wanted."

"Joy loves him as a father doesn't she?" He spoke and she nodded.

"He was there for her when she needed him, he was there when her friend Rose died and he was there when her magic was doing things I couldn't explain."

"You think if I was there she would love me too?" Her asked and she smiled at him.

"She loves you, she's just tired of waiting for you to get up and actually be her dad."

"Why him-"


"No whats so good about him he has both you and Joy wrapped around his finger."

"You sound jealous Nik."

"Damn right I am, you're mine, you're my wife and Joy is my daughter not his."

"Niklaus, I don't want to be your wife anymore, I can't deal with your behaviour anymore it's a constant cycle."

"I've changed, I've really changed give me a chance to prove it."

"That's why you're still sleeping with another woman?"

"Who... You mean krystal, I cut her off years ago, I cut her off and haven't been with anyone else since, I haven't looked at another woman after that and I've never regretted something more, I'm trying and I'm going to keep trying, this is what I want, I want our family."

"Niklaus that's my problem, how long do I expect you to keep our family, you change your mind about us every day, how am I meant to believe that you won't wake up one day and want to treat Joy or I horribly."

"I swear to you I won't, I'm trying to change for you, laI've broken your heart again and again over a thousand years but I swear for another thousand years I vow to love you and I'll forever stick by your side."

"Niklaus I like him, I'm not going to end my relationship for you, you for sure as hell didn't do it for me."


"Yes there is Nik, and I want you to respect that."

"No! I love you, you can't be his -"

"Niklaus I stopped being yours the moment you stopped caring."


"I'm not leaving, I'm getting rid of you in my life, you've broke my heart dozens of times so I'm not letting you break it again-"

"You say you hate me, because I'm a cheat and a liar and I break your head over and over, WELL YOU'RE DOING THE SAME!"

"Niklaus no I am not, if you can't respect my decisions you can leave, and if you want to do well by your daughter and I you'll stay, but I deserve more, so much more."

"I know and I want to give it to you, please let me give it to you, let me show you that I truly love you, and that I've changed."

"Look, Nik I want to believe you have, I really really do, but how am I meant to when you've promised the same things over and over again."

"You don't even give me the chance to prove myself!"

"I haven't? I could have left you outside that evening you came over over, I could have said you're not allowed to enter, but I didn't I let you in because I want you to do better."

"Is because you don't love me?" He asked his eyes watching her as his face looked pale, his heart aching, her next few words would either break him or give him hope.

"God no Niklaus, I can't ever not love you, you've given me everything, but you've also given me an immense amount of pain."

"You still love me?" He asked his brows furrowed.

"For god sakes Nik, obviously I can't stop loving the man I've been with for a thousand years it's practically impossible," she said and he sighed with relief happiness on his face but quickly changed to confusion.

"Why are you still with your little boyfriend?"

"Nik you're starting to sound like you're jealous again," she spoke with a little chuckled and he looked away rolling his eyes.

"I want you to leave him."

"You're funny, but no I like him, he likes me, and if you've got a problem you can leave," with that she went back into her house and sat on the dinner table where everyone watched her carefully, Niklaus soon walked in moments later rather angry yet happy.

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