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Week one, day one.

  I woke up and immediately turned over and shut my eyes again. The window in the room was bringing too much light in, so I threw the blanket over my head, covering my face.

  "She's awake!" I heard Niall say.

  "No, she's not." I say back.

  "Cmon, I'm hungry. I can smell breakfast." Niall pleaded. I didn't answer him and just laid there with my eyes closed till I felt him shaking me.

  "Fine, I'm up." I said, sitting up in my bed. I rubbed my eyes and adjusted to the light. I climbed down the ladder and saw all the boys awake except Zain.

"Aren't we gonna wait for Zain?" I asked.

"They already woke up." Zain groaned, and I laughed. All of us headed downstairs to the kitchen. The kitchen was packed with people similar to last night at dinner. We all took a seat at the table, Louis on my left and Cher Loyd on my right.

"Okay, we have french toast, with eggs and bacon." The lady in white from yesterday announced as she placed food on everyone's plate. I soon learned her name is Liz and the other lady is named Zoe.

I saw Harry started putting ketchup on his eggs. "That's disgusting." I say with my face all scrunched up with disgust. I never understood why people ruin their eggs by putting ketchup on them.

  "What? This..." Harry said back as he started to pour the ketchup over my eggs on my plate. I smacked his hand back, causing some ketchup to fly over onto Liam's plate.

  "Ew, now I have that on my eggs." Liam complained.

  "And french toast." Niall added, pointing to the red sauce on the side of his toast.

  "Gross." Liam stated.

  "You can just eat my eggs now, since you decided to ruin them." I said, sliding my plate over to Harry. He and Louis both poked their forks into the eggs and took a bite. "Omg, you too?" I asked Louis.

  "It's good!" He said in defense, and I just shook my head.

  "I'm with Jordyn on this one, it's gross." Zain agreed with me.

  "Do you want some, too?" Harry threatened as he held up the ketchup bottle.

  "Nope." Zain shook his head and scooted his plate to the side, away from Harry.

  "Good morning, everyone. I have a few announcements." The producer from yesterday, Daniel, spoke. He was standing in front of the table, "Tomorrow starts your first week of the live shows, and to kick that off, we have the Glamour Shots today."

  "What is a Glamour Shot?" I whispered to Louis, and he just shrugged his shoulders.

  "Cars will be sent for you all in about an hour and a half, which should give you all enough time to eat and get ready." Daniel stated, then walked away from the table.

We all finished eating, then headed to our rooms and started getting ready. Soon enough, we were in the cars going to wherever the Glamour Shots were at.

  I was sitting in the back between Louis and Harry. Liam, Niall, and Zain were sitting in front of us and in front of them was Rebecca, Cher, and Katie.

  "Harry." I heard Louis whisper, I just sat there even though he was about to start a conversation with me sitting in the middle.

  "Yes." Harry whispered back. Louis never answered, but then I felt the two boys push themselves closer to me, squishing me in the middle.

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