Chapter 13: Future Father

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Diana's POV


I became speechless when Claude and I suddenly appeared in a familiar place.

Was I shocked? Yes! I mean how could he do that without any hint or something? I almost threw up due to that kind of force.


I immediately turned my head to see Claude, Not trying to give him a dagger looks. He is also staring at me like he did nothing wrong.

Anyway, If I am not mistaken, well I should be. We are somewhere in Siodonna right now. The familiar places and markings were telling me so...

Yesterday, with the help of Lucas and Athy, the three of us headed to Siodonna to make me memorize the routes on that place. Good thing that my memory cooperated with me.

Or maybe I'm kinda familiar with it because I am the writer of 'The Lovely Princess' plus the fact that I am the reincarnation of Diana.

Anyway... Where's Felix? I quickly travelled my eyes to find that red-haired-knight. He should be here, right?

But I cannot find him anywhere... Is he hiding somewhere?

Then the realization hit me.

"Oh no. Did we left Felix?" I uttered in shock when I realized that. I saw Claude chuckled when he heard me saying that. "You're Majesty, how could you do that?"

"We don't need him" He just simply said as he held my hands. "Show me the way"

"But Your Majesty we can't just leave Felix like that! He's your knight" I said as I try to minimize my voice.

"Looks like the two is quarrelling"

"Look, the wife is angry"

"The husband will face the consequences later haha!"


My eyes went wide when I heard people around me chattering as they look at us. Are they talking about me and Claude?

Claude remained silent as he stares at me.

"Blunt woman," he said "Lead the way"


We immediately left that place as I grab Claude's hand. He is not complaining tho... Besides he is the first one who held my hand, so he should not be complaining.

"You're Majesty, Just tell me if you're uncomfortable," I said as I walk.

"Do you know my name?" He asked me.

"Of course! You're Claude" I said as a matter of fact. How can I not know when he is a character from my novel?

"Good, then call me with my name" He replied.

"I refuse, I may be 'blunt' as what as you call me, but calling you with your name is disrespectful. I might get punished"

"I won't let that happen. But if people heard you calling me with such titles what do you think will happen?" He said which made me stopped.

He is right. Why are you so dumb Diana?

"Claude..." His name came out with my mouth. "If that's what you want then let me be casual to you, but you have to promise me that I won't get punish"

"Alright, Wife"

"What?" Did I mishear him? He chuckled when he saw my confused face but Claude did not reply.


A minute had passed since Claude and I had started to walk and...

I hope he's okay with this setup. I mean he is the Emperor and making him walk for a long period of time like this is... Well, It's his fault anyway, not mine. He could've let Felix to accompany me instead of him.

Actually... The real reason why we're still walking is...

Yeah, I think we are lost...

I MEAN we're not actually lost, but can you blame me? There are so many good items here and I can't help but to excitedly observe them one by one...

To the point that we've lost our way... Hehe~

Claude's not complaining tho. Besides, Lucas can always wait for us.

"Do you want that?" A voice behind my back asked me. I almost jumped away with a shock when Claude did that.

"What? Want? Ahh no, no" I quickly replied while waving my both hands. "I only find these lovebirds cute," I said as I watched the two beautiful birds on a big cage.

"Ridiculous," He said. "If I kill the other bird then the other one will also be dead soon. What's cute with that?"

I stilled for a moment before glancing at him again.

Seriously, what's with him?

But the tone of his voice...

"And who told you to kill the birds? You are  supposed to raise them not kill them you know..."

"Why would I raise them? I can always buy another one if they die" He said as a matter-of-fact.

He's not lying anyway, money is not the problem here. He is a filthy rich Emperor! I'm envious!

"Yes, you're right. But each of them has a uniqueness that can't be replaced by one another. So don't you ever think of killing these beautiful birds" I said as if I'm giving him a friendly warning.

Claude did not reply with my words but I KINDA heard him calling me 'Blunt woman' again. Well, I'm not sure... That's not him if he does that anyway...

Or not?

"Alright! Let's get going!" I said as I broke the silence. I was about to grab his hands again but suddenly... A familiar voice coming from a 'Young Woman' rang around our ears.

"MOTHER!" Said the 'Young Woman' who approached us. I saw Claude startled when he also heard that as he narrowed his eyes on me.

"L-lu-ca- LUCY! MY DAUGHTER!" I quickly replied facing Lucas, who is currently my acting daughter, Lucy.

Because I was so shocked by his sudden appearance I grabbed his body and put my future-son-in-law into a tight hug.

"Mother, what took you so long?" Lucas asked with a double meaning as if he waits for us to arrive for a century. But anyway I gave him a Cheshire grin that makes him flinched.

Ah good all times. I remember the time when I offered my future-son-in-law a very interesting proposal that he cannot refuse.

My proposal's a secret of course.

"My daughter don't be silly. Look I brought us a guest. Say hello to Claude" I said in a cheerful tone. Lucas stared at the Emperor. "Claude, this is Lucy, she's my daughter"

Claude remained silent while Lucas is trying to act more fragile and delicate as if he is really an innocent woman who doesn't have a crush on my Athanasia... I mean as if he is not a cool Young Warlock.

"Are you..." Lucas broke the silence with his cute and delicate made-up-voice. A devilish grin appeared on his face for a second before saying the next unexpected words.

"Are you my future father?"

(AN: In-Law 🥴 kidding!)

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